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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Freight-Pay? Is it for both FIATA association members and FIATA individual members?

The platform is accessible to FIATA individual members only. 


  • Is Freight-Pay only available in USD or are other currencies accepted?

Freight-Pay is currently available for international transactions in USD, but EUR is also planned in the future.

  • Is there an initial fee to start using Freight-Pay?

There is no initial fee to start using Freight-Pay. However, you will need to fund your pre-paid account with a minimum of $250, subject to a $15 banking fee. You will be able to use your initial deposit to make payments.

  • Is there a fee when you receive money on Freight-Pay?

There is only a $2 transaction fee that will be charged to the payer when transacting money through the Freight-pay platform. The receiver will not have any fee to pay.

  • Is there a fee when you deposit/withdraw money to/from your Freight-Pay account?

Yes, there is a $15 banking fee when you deposit money by wire transfer and there is a $50 fee (plus potential additional fees from your bank) when you withdraw money from your Freight-Pay account and transfer it into your bank account.

  • Is there a minimum/maximum amount for the transfers?

No, there is no minimum or maximum amounts of money that can be transferred through Freight-Pay. The limit is related to the amount of money available on your pre-paid account.

  • How long does it take for money to be transferred from the payers to the payees?

Transactions are instant and payees are immediately notified when they receive money on their Freight-Pay account.

  • Can you pre-schedule payments for future dates?

Yes, you can pre-schedule payments and select a specific payment due date when creating your transaction.


  • How is FIATA membership verified for new users?

PayCargo will regularly check with FIATA to ensure that all users are valid FIATA individual members.

  • Can you pay your annual FIATA membership fee using Freight-Pay?

Yes, you can pay your annual membership fees by making a payment to FIATA through the Freight-Pay platform. Learn how to pay your membership fees

  • Do users need to register twice as vendors and payers?

No, users will be automatically registered as both payers and vendors (payees). Only one registration is needed.

  • Can users also do payments to other vendors who are not FIATA members?

Freight-Pay has been primarily designed to facilitate payments between FIATA members, but you can also make payments to other US vendors. The standard PayCargo transaction fee will then be applied. Check the list of US vendors which can be paid through the platform.


  • What safety guarantees does Freight-Pay offer?

Freight-Pay includes best-in-class security features such as end-to-end encryption. Freight-Pay is designed to facilitate small transactions between FIATA members and is not intended to hold big amounts of money. Moreover, money hold on Freight-Pay can be withdrawn to your bank account at any time. Learn more about Freight-Pay security measures

  • Is there any guarantee against fraud and hacking?

Strict security protocols are applied to the platform which are based on the latest technologies. PayCargo has been operating for more than 15 years and there has never been any fraud or hacking issues. Moreover, all accounts are ‘For benefits of’ and PayCargo does not have access to the money held on any account.  Learn more about Freight-Pay security measures.

  • Is the platform fully compliant with all worldwide banking systems?

Freight-Pay is fully compliant for processing payments in most countries around the world. Please note that due to banking restrictions, Freight-Pay is not available in the following countries or geographical areas: Balkans*, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Darfur, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

*If you are located in the Balkans, please check the OFAC Sanctions List to see if any restrictions apply to your country or company.

  • PayCargo is using the services of the CASS Commercial Bank, is there any link with IATA?

No, CASS Commercial Bank has no link with IATA. It is an independent bank, wholly owned subsidiary of Cass Information Systems (Nasdaq: CASS).

  • When depositing funds to my pre-paid account, am I transferring money to FIATA or PayCargo?

Your pre-paid account is set as a ‘For benefits of’ account at CASS Commercial Bank and is managed through PayCargo’s system. When transferring money to your Freight-Pay account, your payment beneficiary should be: Cass Commercial Bank FBO PayCargo FIATA.

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