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e-Flash - Legal guidance on the contracting process

07 September 2021

An insightful webinar on Contract Management gathered over 40 participants

Following the recent publication of a Best practice guide on Contract management, a webinar was organised Monday 06 September by FIATA's Advisory Body on Legal Matters (ABLM) with the objective to provide legal guidance to members on the contracting process for freight forwarders.

Under the leadership of ABLM Chair Dr. Yuntao Yang, Prof. Manuel Alba Fernandez discussed the importance of "anticipating the unforeseeable" when negotiating key terms, Mr. Mike Yarwood added that the key is to take enough time to assess the risks, while Mr. John Stubbings recommended to get as much certainty as possible while drafting a contract. Several questions were then put to the experts. And the President of FIATA, in his closing remarks, underlined the importance of this type of events for members.

This interesting discussion is available on the FIATA YouTube channel. Click here to play the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1NNQBD3azg 


The latest issue of the FIATA Review is out 

The September issue features Ms. Hannah Nguyen, from the International Chamber of Commerce, on the ICC Digital Standards Initiative and the synergies developed with FIATA on the electronic Bill of lading (eBL). As a follow up to the first FIATA Connect webinar series on sustainable logistics, Ms. Andrea Schoen, from DB Schenker, delves into the international legal framework to curb carbon emissions and what it means for the industry.

This issue also features contributions from FIATA experts, Dr. Yuntao Yang and Prof. Alba Fernandez on the legal framework surrounding electronic transport records; Mr. Turgut Erkeskin on a new FIATA payment platform called Freight-Pay; Mr. Robert Keen on the work of the Multimodal Transport Institute; Mr. Jens Roemer and Mr. Neil Taylor on key issues faced by the maritime supply chain. Two former YIFFYA winners also reflect on their experience in the industry.

Dont'miss out on the latest news from our members and read the Review online. (Paper version for members only)


The 49th validation session of Association Members' training programmes just started

The 49th session of the validation and re-validation of the Association Members’ training programmes leading to the FIATA Diplomas began this week. Over the coming weeks, the training programmes of the applying Association Members will be assessed by FIATA Logistics Institute's Task Force 1 members to ensure the implementation of high-quality training standards within the industry. As was the case for the previous session, this one will also be held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Almost 50 Association Members deliver courses leading to the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding and about 15 Association Members deliver courses leading to the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management. Validation and revalidation sessions are held regularly to ensure that training standards are maintained and updated, based on the latest developments in training and education and in the industry.



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  • 15 September – Working Group Sea Transport hybrid meeting (online & in Geneva HQ) | Members only
  • 30 September – TT Club webinar "Abandoned Cargoes – More Than Money at Stake" | Speaker: Jens Roemer, Chair of FIATA Working Group Sea Transport
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