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Association Members

Association Membership with FIATA means an international representation among key stakeholders and decision makers in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. FIATA supports its members by advocating policy issues that will benefit them in their national contexts. Association Members join a global community of freight forwarders and are provided with the tools and resources necessary to make their voices heard by governments and industry leaders.

To become a FIATA Association Member, please contact [email protected] to get started. 


Individual Members

Individual Membership with FIATA is the result of a free choice by a freight forwarding entrepreneur to show a sense of compliance and belonging. The most important consequence of Individual Membership is connected with the reputation of the Individual Member, in as much as the Individual Member identifies itself in the objectives and rules of FIATA e.g. the Business Integrity Statement. Most Individual Members decide to get affiliated to FIATA because they want to benefit from the reputation that a highly protected brand such as the FIATA one affords. 

To become a FIATA Individual Member, please see instructions in the application process document, and see below Individual Members categories to choose yours.

Individual Members applying after 30 September of a given year should note that – if and once their application has been approved –, they will become members from 01 January of the following year. For example, Individual Members applying after 30 September 2021 will become members starting 01 January 2022.

Please contact [email protected] in case you have any questions.


For more information on membership types and benefits, please read the Membership Brochure available in English, French, and Spanish.

Individual Members categories

Type Blue and Green

for freight forwarding companies based in countries and/or territories:   where there is a FIATA Association Member (Type Blue)*   or where there is no FIATA Association Member (Type Green). 

Cost (Blue and Green)

Total cost on registration CHF 410 

  • Annual membership fee: CHF 300
  • One-time entrance fee: CHF 50
  • Courier service fee to send the FIATA welcome package and Membership certificate: CHF 60

Type Yellow

for shippers, carriers, suppliers or any other entity closely related to the freight logistics industry – including lawyers and law offices specialised in freight transport and logistics law.

Cost (Yellow)

Total cost on registration CHF 1,260 

  • Annual membership fee: CHF 1,050
  • One-time entrance fee: CHF 150
  • Courier service fee to send the FIATA welcome package and Membership certificate: CHF 60


*Individual Members (Blue), in those countries and/or territories, where FIATA is represented through an Association Member, can only be admitted as an Individual Member if the FIATA Association Member in their country and/or territory agrees with their application.

All memberships are valid from 01 January until 31 December of each year.

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