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A new HQ Meeting formula

The FIATA Presidency has re-thought the format of the HQ Meeting, which usually takes place in March every year. This important decision was not taken lightly but – due to the outbreak of the pandemic – it was necessary to review how to best organize a productive meeting through an online format with a high level of interaction, involvement and commitment. This was also done to address legitimate concerns regarding content development for our members with their very diverse profiles.

Goals of the new FIATA week

The next FIATA HQ Meeting will be organized from 22–25 March 2021. The definition of this new formula resulted from our analysis of the purpose of the HQ Meeting, as a first step, so that the event could propose activities and sessions with the best possible returns, such as:

  1. Gather Association Members to network, exchange views and shape our association’s capacity building.
  2. Start the discussion on industry focus points and set working priorities and plans for FIATA bodies (institutes, advisory bodies, working groups, standing committees) through Association Member stakeholders.
  3. Present a comprehensive progress report on projects related to the international supply chain industry on a yearly basis.
  4. Shine a light on the relevance of FIATA to the international forwarding community.


Based on the above, it was agreed that the 2021 HQ Meeting will be reformatted into the 2021 FIATA Week. The theme for this event is ‘Driving the Change’, and it concurs with FIATA’s priorities to carry out its reset programme and be a leader on industry issues pertaining to digitalization, online education, sustainability, the tackling of COVID-19 and innovation trends. To achieve the objectives set for the FIATA Week, the event’s sessions have been built around four main categories – work plan, capacity building, high-level dialogue, and out of the box sessions.

Work plan sessions

These are the core of the FIATA Week. All FIATA bodies will have a one-hour work plan session to set up their annual work strategy. These will go hand in hand with pre-work in the weeks before the event, to ensure the success of these sessions. FIATA institutes are expected to play a major role in the pre-work, as they will be asked to identify current industry issues and suggest priorities for 2021.

These will then be validated by the FIATA Presidency and dispatched to all FIATA bodies, so that they can set objectives and deliverables during the FIATA Week work plan sessions. The figure above highlights milestones in the preparation of the work plan sessions.

Capacity building sessions

These will be 30–45-minute workshops, made up of demos, training sessions or presentations on trendy topics within FIATA. 

High-level dialogue sessions 

These are interactive and inclusive sessions and top-up conversations with engaging high-level speakers on topics that are critical to the evolution of the industry.

FIATA out of the box sessions

Introducing this online special event, this will not be strictly related to FIATA activities, but will also stimulate networking between members, for example personal development or team-building activities.

The precise agenda for this four-day meeting will be shared with all Association Members early in 2021. In the meantime, members are encouraged to contact [email protected] should they want to propose a speaker or see a conversation happening in the upcoming FIATA Week.

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