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Collaboration is key for success to come

Dear colleagues and friends,

It's time to wrap up a very challenging year. As I write these words, new lockdown measures have been implemented in several countries due to the pandemic and the situation remains uncertain for many. COVID-19 has disrupted all sectors around the world and the economic fallout will outlive the pandemic, but – there is a but – there is hope.

With a tangible vaccine now in sight, people can rejoice at the idea of finding a new kind of normal in a post-pandemic world. The fight, though, is far from over. The complex process of widespread distribution of the vaccine will challenge the supply chain like never before. We need a global response that ensures effective and timely vaccine delivery, and FIATA is here to continue to support its members during these challenging of times.

This year, despite going through major internal restructuring with our ‘reset programme’ and the move of our offices to Geneva in the middle of a health crisis, we decided to prioritize knowledge and information sharing with our members through our dedicated COVID-19 platform. We provided guidance on the impact of the pandemic through several position papers and plan to continue guiding our members as we move in a direction beyond COVID-19.

No matter the global situation, the new FIATA that we envisioned to better serve our members – one that is proactive, energetic and relevant – is now also a palpable reality. We have accomplished so many milestones this year and have done it by emphasizing transparency and consistency in our work, establishing clear rules and procedures for day-to-day operations and governance activities, and encouraging a collaborative approach with both internal and external stakeholders.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we are not looking back, we are looking forward and into the possibilities of what the future may bring. If we have learned anything this year, it’s that the world can change overnight, and we must be prepared to adapt to changes quickly. I thank each and every one of our members for your continued trust in FIATA and look forward to a collaborative and successful year to come.


Basil Pietersen

FIATA President

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