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Embracing global interconnectivity at FIATA’s Region Europe

It is said that in every crisis lie many opportunities, and this cannot be truer of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following her appointment as the Region Europe chair last year, Antonella Straulino has been working hard to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and organizations on key issues impacting the industry, and to map out the road ahead for the group. This is not without its challenges – indeed, since Ms Straulino took the chair the group was unable to meet face-to-face, due to COVID-19 governmental restrictions.

Despite this situation, the Region Europe group is well-poised to reinvigorate itself as it moves into the new post-COVID-19 era. The pandemic has highlighted just how globally connected everyone is, and the importance of finding new synergies and opportunities to collaborate.

Accordingly, much change is afloat at Region Europe to reflect this and to ensure that the group can be better equipped to provide added value. Regional meetings are always a great time for debate, information exchange, and the sharing of views and perspectives among members. This must not change but must instead be enhanced and utilized in a meaningful way. Ms Straulino’s new vision for the group is one of inclusion and collaboration, ensuring dialogue with all countries both within Region Europe and beyond. The goal is also to facilitate inter-regional exchange, because Region Europe is not just the European Union, where CLECAT is doing an excellent job and cooperation with FIATA is up and running.

A survey among the group members 

The ability to emerge out of this crisis into a successful new era requires the cooperation of all. Ms Straulino, together with the FIATA Secretariat, will be making contact with Region Europe members over the coming weeks to find out more about the lessons they have learnt and the items they would like to see on the agenda for the forthcoming group meetings.

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