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FIATA members continue strengthening virtual spaces in the times of COVID-19

Brazil, ACTC

The Conflict Mediation Chamber (CIMEC) of the Association of Forwarding Companies, Air Cargo Agents, Customhouse Brokers and Intermodal Operators (ACTC) resumed activities last August after four months of inactivity due to COVID-19 with a series of webinars on issues related to the labour legal framework, as well as the programming of training courses for mediators, scheduled for 2020.

Bulgaria, NSBS

The Bulgarian National Freight Forwarding Association (NSBS) developed a new programme structure for digital courses, where they shortened the 8-hour classroom lecture to a 6-hour session online (two hours thrice per day). The Vocational Training Centre’s decision to go virtual received further impetus from the extraordinary circumstances caused by COVID-19 and NSBS now enjoys a greater demand for learning courses due to the convenient access to training.

Canada, CIFFA

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFF) has rebranded and redesigned courses formerly known as the Advanced Certificate programme into the new FIATA Diploma Course – Advanced Freight Services. This online course is the last step required to qualify for the FIATA Diploma in Canada. By highlighting and promoting the FIATA diploma in the course name and covering the cost of the application for an e-diploma, CIFFA hopes to encourage more Canadians to achieve this international recognition. The course is offered entirely online, and provides an e-textbook, online lessons, exercises, and online exams to allow for any Canadian interested to work toward this goal.

CIFA, China

This month, the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) celebrates 20 years since being founded and joining FIATA. With 21 member freight forwarders associations and more than 6,200 members in mainland China, CIFA has delivered 1,067 FIATA diplomas and 383 ICAO-FIATA training certificates. CIFA was awarded with the title of ‘Outstanding Social Organization’ in 2010 and hopes to collaborate with other Association Members for the next 20 years.

Cyprus, CCFAA

The General Assembly of the Cyprus Clearing And Forwarding Agents Association (CFFAA) elected a new board officers for the next two years, as follows: George Loutsios President, Pambos Pieri Vice President, Georgia Iordanou Secretary, Paris Onisiforou Treasurer, Andreas Orthodoxou Board Member, Fotos Charalambous Board Member, Eleni Savvidou Board Member, Lefteris Hadjioannou Board Member, Georgia Charalambous Board Member, and Iacovos Hadjivarnavas Manager.

Ethiopia, EFFSAA

The Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) started the Young Logisticians Training Programme, organized in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH to offer the FIATA Diploma in International Freight Forwarding to 80 unemployed university graduates. EFFSAA aims to increase qualified human power to the sector and play its role on minimizing the unemployment rate by creating job opportunities.

Honduras, AHACI

Despite COVID-19, the Asociacion Hondurena De Agencias De Carga Y Logistica Internacional (AHACI) has greatly contributed to the integration of the logistics chain to face the challenges of a competitive globalized environment. Committed to working for its members, expanding their representation both in public and private spaces in the logistics sector, and guiding them to perform in an efficient and effective manner.

Hong Kong, HAFFA

The Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (HAFFA), together with 11 other logistics bodies, organized a press conference on 13 August requesting the government to launch the Anti-epidemic Fund 3.0 to help ease financial burden (especially on SMEs) during COVID-19. HAFFA Chair Brian Wu was a speaker at the event, voicing out members’ concerns and answering media questions. Video recording, a joint press release, and photos are available on the HAFFA website.

Norway, NLFA

The Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association (NLFA) made an unprecedented digital transformation from conventional training to virtual classroom in a matter of weeks due to COVID-19, including a training of 8 instructors and 40 students. The NFLA also is also organizing two awards this year: The Young Talent Award recognizing loyalty, initiative and innovative thinking (awarded later this year), and the Environmental Award stimulating the development and dissemination of knowledge about sustainable, innovative logistics and transport solutions. The winner of the Young Talent Award will also be given the opportunity to represent Norway in the FIATA Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award.

Pakistan, PIFFA

The Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA) will hold elections in September, where members will elect 50% of its Executive Committee for the next two years. Once formed, the Executive Committee will inlcude new chair, senior vice chair and vice chair, they will commense office from 1 October and pursue objectives.

Panama, APAC

The Panamanian Association of Freight Forwarders (APAC) celebrated 30 years since its founding. Established as a beacon of education and the voice of the logistics sector in Panama, APAC was certified as a FIATA diploma provider in 2016 and has led several trade missions including government institutions. In 2019 in Cape Town, APAC finally achieved its greatest dream to win the bid to host the 2023 FIATA World Congress. APAC’s Board of Directors look forward to welcoming FIATA members in Panama!

Philippines, PMTLAI

The Philippine Multimodal Transport and Logistics Association Inc. (PMTLAI) launched its ‘Digital Week’ in 21-24 July to assist its members in their digitization initiatives and alleviate the impact of COVID-19 in their operations. PMTLAI also organized a virtual forum entitled ‘Navigating Labour Rules Under the New Normal’ where new labour regulations were discussed by the Undersecretary of the Department of Labour and Employment.

Portugal, APAT

The Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association (APAT) signed an agreement with CIFA allowing to rebuild a bridge between China and Portugal – the Westernmost country in Europe. APAT believes, especially in the light of the difficult circumstances being faced globally, that the good relationship between both associations is of great value to members in both countries and look forward to straightening ties in the future.

Singapore, SLA

A total of 16 Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) members benefitted from 2 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) online workshops in July 2020. Sponsored by Workforce Singapore and in collaboration with the Singapore National Employers Federation and Singapore Polytechnic, the two-day online programme is part of SLA’s continuous effort to encourage member-companies to transform its logistics operations. The workshop demonstrated how businesses could redesign job roles and automate some of the internal process to bring about an improvement in productivity and assist employees to move up the work value chain.


In addition to new business models and innovations for 'Economy 4.0’, many new jobs and job profiles are emerging, as seen by the reform project for basic vocational training at Swiss federal level. SPEDLOGSWISS is actively involved in the core team as an industry representative and by 2022, their profile as international freight forwarder will be revised to develop new expertise and social skills so the new generation will be equipped to meet the demands of the digital age within the industry.

Syria, SIFFA

An agreement between the Syrian government and a Russian company was signed last July to invest into the port of Tartous, where the Russian company will improve and develop the port, increasing the port facilities and terminal with a large capacity starting from the quantity of 4 million tons per year producing or passing through the port of Tartus and reaching 38 million tons yearly, with a target of 2 million TEUS to be reached yearly. This improvement will stimulate the maritime shipping process and positively affect the freight industry in Syria.

Uganda, UFFA

The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA) had 26 certificated trainers who will facilitate the delivery of the UFFA-FIATA Diploma in International Freight Forwarding. These constitute the Course Planning Team that has developed the curriculum for a training programme which meets the FIATA minimum standards.

On 24 April 2020, the FIATA Logistics Institute validated their training programme making UFFA the 47th FIATA Association Member to have their curriculum validated to deliver the training. For more information, visit the UFFA website.

United States, TIA

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Board of Directors is conducting an executive search for a new CEO to replace Robert A. Voltmann, who resigned as President & CEO of the association in June. While the search for a new CEO is underway, Chris Burroughs, TIA Vice President of Government Affairs, will serve as the point of contact for FIATA. TIA looks forward to continuing to work with FIATA and its members to advance our shared goals and missions.

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