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The FIATA World Congress undergoes a transformation

A living document

With the current pandemic and the fast-moving innovations trends, congresses need to remain flexible in today’s world and details – which may sound essential now – can evolve at a later stage. This requires FIATA and the Association Member hosting the FIATA World Congress to adapt to these changes. Thus, from this year, the congress protocol will be a living document to ensure that collaboration is at its best and that updates can be diligently facilitated.

Criteria adjustment

The selection criteria are one of the central elements in the congress protocol that qualify any bid from an Association Member as acceptable by FIATA. The change lies not so much in the list of criteria as such, but rather to the fact that bids are now placed on an equal footing, with each of the criteria now being analyzed in an equivalent manner in relation to the others, while in the past some criteria had more weight than others.

A more dynamic programme

Another long-expected change is the re-design of the congress programme. More time will be dedicated to joint sessions, called topic sessions, for which several speakers will contribute to a panel discussion on topics that are high in the agenda of FIATA institutes, advisory bodies, and regions. This new session format will leave more room to interactions and Q&A with the audience. Another novelty in the congress programme entails the commitment that no session, apart from the regional meetings, will overlap one other. This allows anyone participating in the FIATA World Congress to attend all sessions in the programme.

A strong focus on content and design

The congress protocol emphasizes the importance of the creative concept for each forthcoming FIATA World Congress. It does so by paying more attention to the actual content, design, look and feel of the congress. This will naturally call for closer collaboration between the FIATA Congress Manager and the hosting Association Member.

Communication: A key enabler

Communication has also been identified as a major and strategic priority for upcoming FIATA World Congresses. The congress protocol reinforces the need to set up a more sustained communication though the FIATA Communication Manager to highlight the various activities set up and showcase what makes the FIATA community special to its members and to the whole supply chain.

Young forwarders: A core focus

The youth is key to the future of our industry. This is now well reflected in the congress protocol as it is now mandatory to organize a Young Logistics Programme Day at every FIATA World Congress. The FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI) and the Congress Manager will thus define a concrete proposal for this day. FLI will liaise with the young professional representatives from the hosting Association Member to discuss content and deliverables.

Interested in hosting a FIATA World Congress? Then send a letter of intent for the 2024 congress to [email protected]. Once this step is validated, National Associations will receive the new congress protocol and will hopefully embark on this exciting new chapter.

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