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Redefining the value of our membership

Dear colleagues and friends,

With the start of a new year, it is not uncommon to set goals and resolutions for oneself. We tend to begin the first months of the year with a positive mindset, motivated to take on the challenges yet to come. This is especially true for 2021 as the world hopes to recover from a devastating pandemic.

The supply chain has shown great resilience over the past 12 months, maintaining the flow of goods despite facing extraordinary circumstances. Throughout the crisis, FIATA underwent a massive internal transformation but always had as its main priority to support its members. The work carried out by the reset programme last year has laid the groundwork for what the new FIATA has to offer. In this process, we are redefining what it means to be a FIATA member and we are creating exceptional value during the most difficult times.

To achieve our common objectives, FIATA members rely on the Presidency and Extended Board to determine how to best create value add for them. This year, our focus is on ensuring that the work carried out by the different FIATA bodies is reflective of our member needs. We are identifying issues, defining work plans, and building a proper strategy that is relevant to all.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but we choose to see the opportunities that can come from such an event. We are encouraging all delegates from FIATA bodies to voice their vision for the year to come, along with a roadmap to achieve it, on how to better create value for our members.

The FIATA Week, previously known as the HQ Meeting, taking place virtually at the end of March will be an exciting platform to discuss these matters. I certainly look forward to reporting back to you in the next quarter and introducing new elements of value to your daily practice.


Basil Pietersen

FIATA President

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