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Rules and procedures for stronger FIATA Regions

The FIATA Regions are composed of four geographical areas: Africa and Middle East, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. They were established by the Presidency to bring forward regional issues that, if necessary, can be submitted to the FIATA institutes and advisory bodies. The Regional Committees, or FIATA Regions as they are commonly known, provide a platform to facilitate the autonomous engagement of members around the world on industry issues. The regions draw on the rich and diverse expertise from national members and combine it with FIATA’s global perspective.

Introducing the Regional Rules and Procedures

To ensure a harmonized approach amongst all regions, FIATA has adopted new Regional Rules and Procedures, which came into force on 24 September 2020, following approval by the Extended Board. The aim is to provide uniform processes, to improve the consistency of functions in the FIATA Regions, and to promote overall understanding of their role by external parties. To align the regions closer to the strategic vision of FIATA’s institutes and bodies, the regions will adopt and submit an annual work plan to the Presidency a month prior to the FIATA Annual General Meeting. They shall be self-financed, to meet all resource needs, by and from amongst their own FIATA Association Members.

The composition of the FIATA Regions is determined by the Presidency after consultation with the Extended Board, as set forth in Article 1(b). The delegates’ voting rights and procedures are stipulated in Article 2, which specifies payment of FIATA’s membership fees as a prerequisite to exercising such right. The personal character of this right is also expressly
mentioned, there being no provision for the use of proxies in meetings.

The procedures and requirements for the nomination of a FIATA Region Chair and Vice Chair are set forth in Article 3. To be nominated for either position, a candidate must be one of the appointed members’ delegates in the region, and equipped with in-depth knowledge of the local forwarding industry. They must have been active FIATA delegates for at least four consecutive years and the Chair of the region will serve as one of the members of the Extended Board, as per Article 5.4.1 of the FIATA Statutes.

The FIATA Regions’ meetings, for which the rules and procedures are provided for in Article 4, have to be organized twice a year; one during the FIATA HQ Meeting and one at the FIATA World Congress. Additional meetings must be approved in advance, as part of the regions’ annual work plan. Should any subject dealt with also be the responsibility of another region, institute or advisory body, this will be coordinated by the Extended Board.

Harmonizing standards for optimal results

With these newly adopted Regional Rules and Procedures, FIATA welcomes the harmonization of approaches that will strengthen the ability for regions to achieve their strategic objectives. The rules will also facilitate greater participation from each delegate in the conception of their respective region’s annual work plan, so that FIATA can continue to better serve its members’ needs.

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