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What to expect at the FIATA Week

The setting up of a virtual FIATA Week (formerly called the HQ Meeting), due to take place from 22–25 March 2021, answered the need to find an alternative to face-to-face meetings made impossible by COVID-19. With the new formula for the HQ Meeting, FIATA delegates will be able to meet online and enjoy a different, yet complete experience. The concept for the FIATA week has already been made public. The content of the sessions and how they will roll can now be explained.

A tailored four-day meeting for all Associations Members

As an international organization with delegates in countries all around the world, FIATA had to accommodate sessions for all delegates to be able to attend, regardless of geography and time zone. Sessions are therefore scheduled from 10:00-14:45 (CET), with two special evening sessions from 19:00-20:30 (CET), to allow the greatest number of delegates possible to attend each of the sessions.

Prioritizing the work of the FIATA bodies

All FIATA institutes, advisory bodies as well as regions will be given a 45-minute timeframe to set up their annual work strategy. These sessions will go hand in hand with preparatory work done in the weeks prior to the event, to ensure the success of the FIATA Week. Here is the timeline that will be followed. 

Early in February, FIATA bodies identified the current issues and foci in the supply chain industry to work on for the year to come. Half-way through February, the delegates of each body were asked to identify and set their key projects for the coming year. 

Early in March, these projects will be validated against FIATA strategic objectives. Based on the work provided by the bodies, each of them will set a working plan during FIATA Week. This will include objectives, deliverables and a timeline. Precise documentation, processes related to the sessions will be shared with FIATA bodies in due time.

The work undertaken will then be reviewed at the FIATA World Congress. A report will then be delivered at the next FIATA Week in the following year.

Highlighting FIATA’s achievements

With the ‘reset programme’ and new HQ team in place, the FIATA Week provides delegates with the opportunity to meet the new team and learn about the services provided and ongoing projects. Four sessions are being organized for this purpose.

  • FIATA get-together – an informal gathering for delegates to meet and greet. 
  • Meet the FIATA HQ team – an opportunity to meet and better get to know the
    HQ team.
  • FIATA services and documents: focus on a practical understanding of the resources
    available to delegates.
  • FIATA training sessions: focus on FIATA training activities under the new FIATA
    Logistics Institute.

Capacities for Association Members

Capacity-building sessions is another novelty of the FIATA Week’s programme. With the Freight-Pay and Social Media sessions, FIATA aims to offer practical solutions for day-to-day business practices.

The Freight-Pay session will introduce a future solution for FIATA members to clear small amounts between themselves. The session will consist of a demo, with delegates getting to know more about the functioning of the platform and the benefits of its use.

The Social Media session will show delegates how to leverage social media opportunities in their associations. The session will provide tips on how to start posting on the various platforms and have an impact in social networks.

Bringing experts to the table

The FIATA Week will also be an opportunity for Association Members to listen to key opinion leaders and experts on topics that are crucial for their business and the supply chain industry. The FMC Rule, for example, will be discussed, to help delegates understand how they can best use it to fight unjust demurrage and detention practices.

The event will also allow delegates to exchange views with the FIATA Presidency. The objective of this session is to give delegates the opportunity to ask questions on topics of interest, such as the future of the logistics industry etc. The specific details for this session will be shared in due time.

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