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FIATA regions meet in October


October is full of regional meetings at FIATA. The Region Asia-Pacific will meet on Wednesday, 14 October at 9h-11h (CET) to discuss the COVID-19 impact on trade and investment and legal matters related to the pandemic. The Region Americas will digitally gather on Thursday, 22 October at 16h-17h (CET) to go through customs affairs and follow up on the demurrage fees situation on the continent.

The Region Africa and Middle East will next meet on Monday, 26 October 13h-15h (CET) to discuss topics covering COVID-19 and custom issues and the new Israel/UAE peace agreement, to name a few. Finally, the Region Europe will hold their next meeting on Wednesday, 18 November at 15h30-16h30 (CET) and will particularly focus on discussing the EU first mobility package. For information on attending a FIATA regional meeting, please contact  Pauline Dutertre, Region Support, at [email protected].

The Airfreight Institute (AFI) and Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI) also have upcoming meetings, on 27 October and 5 November respectively.


RKC proposals welcomed by WCO

The Customs Affairs Institute (CAI) delegates welcomed good news during its last meeting on 6 October regarding the progress made on its proposals to the World Customs Organization on the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC). Delegates were informed that all proposals made by FIATA on the RKC had been deemed desirable to move forward and placed under Track A (General Agreement). These proposals will be analyzed further to determine whether they should be included in the body of the Convention, or in other tools and guidelines. FIATA will continue to elicit the feedback of CAI delegates for further information and specific wording.


Multimodal transport and sustainability 

The Working Group Sustainable Logistics (WGSL) recently joined the Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI) and is now one of the four working groups of the institute. To reflect the multimodal and cross-sectional dimensions of sustainability, the WGSL will participate in the meetings of all the MTI WGs. The next WGSL online meeting will take place on 22 October and all MTI delegates are invited to participate. Those interested in participating are invited to express their interest to the FIATA office.


Standardizing trade documents

FIATA Standard Trade Documents Digital Library is progressing thanks to the active participation of the Working Group put in place to define the technical specifications of the project. The Working Group, which is composed of more than 20 participants representing FIATA members, as well as 7 software companies and 2 international organizations, has already met twice.

Software providers demonstrated a high interest in this project as they are looking for standardization of trade documents to promote interoperability. They especially expressed an interest in FIATA to share standards specifications focusing on the following aspects:

  • Structure of the documents (fields-data structure)
  • Legal conditions accompanying each document
  • Extensibility of the documents (local variance of the documents and Terms and Conditions)
  • Accessibility/usage conditions of the documents
  • Presentation/layout of the documents

FIATA will also present its digital strategy at the DIGITALDAY2020, organized by TLF (Transport et Logistique de France), on 15 October. The meeting will present different initiatives aiming to help the industry embrace the digital world to the cargo community.


Become the 2024 FWC local host

Hosting the FIATA World Congress (FWC) is a unique opportunity to be in the spotlight and organize a major logistics event internationally. It is also a fantastic opportunity to develop new and rewarding business for all your National Association Members. The next three FIATA World Congresses are already scheduled in Brussels, Belgium, in 2021; in Busan, Republic of Korea, in 2022; and in Panama City, Panama, in 2023.

More details on the application process for the 2024 FWC will be shared early November. So, it’s about time to consider organizing the 2024 FIATA World Congress!

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