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FMC toolkit released for FIATA members


The FIATA Extended Board will meet next Thursday, 29 October where special attention will be given to the work carried out by the FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI) and the Advisory Body for Legal Matters (ABLM). FLI - which brings all education and training initiatives under one umbrella - will present a progress report on the construction of the new institute, which will be operational at the end of 2020, focusing on the three workstreams defined earlier this year. As a reminder, the first workstream focuses on FIATA standards and certifications, the second focuses on digital learning and international cooperation, and the third focuses on attracting and maintaining young and new talents to industry.

With regards to ABLM, the advisory body has been very busy with work undertaken at the UN level to develop a new legal instrument for negotiable multimodal transport documents, including promotion of the FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading. In addition, it is currently working on the elaboration of best practice guides and resources on abandoned goods, contract management and electronic contracts. These resources, developed in response to interactions with FIATA institutes, bodies, and the membership at large, are geared to support the freight forwarding to grapple the complex legal considerations associated with these topics.


New resource on demurrage and detention

Monday, 26 October marked the launch of FIATA’s Toolkit on the FMC Final Rule on Demurrage and Detention. This eagerly anticipated resource, developed under the auspices of the Working Group Sea Transport, is designed to empower all FIATA members with the ability to leverage the findings and analysis of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) over its extensive six-year investigation into demurrage and detention practices, involving the input of all stakeholders, including FIATA.

FIATA has previously welcomed the FMC’s detailed and reasoned analysis as to the identification of what have most likely been for years unjust and unreasonable practices. These findings and conclusions have wider applicability to the rest of the world to stop unreasonable and unjust practices that shippers and forwarders alike have for years been exposed to. At the same time, all international maritime supply chain stakeholders should benefit from transparent, consistent and reasonable demurrage and detention practices that improve fluidity in global ports and terminals for the benefit of fair, reasonable and ethical interactions between stakeholders in the maritime supply chain.

Through this toolkit, FIATA members are invited to leverage this information in their national exchanges, including regulators, stakeholders, lobbyist groups, and global government agencies for their review in local and regional contexts. The toolkit has been designed in a user-friendly manner to ensure widespread utility. It is comprised of: (1) a template press release to be adapted and distributed in each national context; (2) presentation slides on the topic which can be presented to national members, regulators, and industry stakeholders; and (2) a detailed analysis document of the FMC Final Rule to be used as a key reference point to delve deeper into the different aspects of the rule, together with the original text annexed.


YIFFYA global winner selection underway

In the absence of the FIATA World Congress this year, the global winner selection of the 2020 Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFYA) - which is sponsored by TT Club - took place online this week. Femke Marie Fürst from Region Europe (DSLV-Germany), Vimbai Loreen Manyumbu from Region Africa and Middle East (SFAAZ – Zimbabwe), Anastasia Gureeva from Region Americas (CIFFA - Canada), and Umair Aamir Sheikh from Region Asia-Pacific (PIFFA - Pakistan) presented their dissertations to the Steering Committee, followed by a Q&A session.  FIATA and TT Club will soon announce the global winner, so stay tuned!

The contest for the 2021 YIFFYA is now open. TT Club sent invitations to propose a candidate to all FIATA Association Members, together with all the information about the contest. Should there be any questions, please contact the FIATA Headquarters. 


Update on digital identity project

The last working group meeting focusing on the FIATA digital identity project took place on 7 October, where a first draft of the project’s model was welcomed by the group’s participants. The solution proposed would consist of a registry of FIATA members digital identity profiles, including tailored information about the freight forwarding companies such as membership details; legal entity identifiers (business registration number, VAT registration number, LEI); customs identifiers (EORI); and details about the company’s liability insurance. This profile information would be accessible to software providers and different partners, upon authorization from the respective profile’s owner, through widely used standards.

The digital identity will facilitate access to existing platforms, allowing software providers to easily identify FIATA members and allow existing/potential partners to verify the trustworthiness of the freight forwarding companies they wish to engage with. More information about the proposed solution will be shared once approved by the FIATA Presidency.


Call for General Meeting 2020

Last Friday, 23 October, the FIATA Headquarters sent out the Call for General Meeting 2020 to its Association Members. If an Association Member did not receive the Call for Meeting, which includes registration details and voting platform instructions, please ensure to check the spam folder, and if unsuccessful, contact FIATA at [email protected].

Association Members are reminded that they can only participate and vote in the General Meeting if membership fees for the financial year 2019 have been paid. For more information, please contact FIATA Administration at [email protected].

Observers are invited to contact FIATA Headquarters to find out the procedure to join the General Meeting at [email protected].

A reminder on important deadlines for the General Meeting 2020:

  • Supporting documents for the General Meeting will be shared latest on Friday, 30 October via email and FDDS.
  • Questions and comments about the supporting documents, motions or additions to the agenda, should be sent no later than Sunday, 22 November to [email protected].
  • FIATA will organize a Test Meeting on Monday, 30 November to ensure a smooth running of the conferencing system on the General Meeting day, and to test the voting system. Please note that the same voting system will be used as in the General Meeting 2019 in Cape Town. Connecting details for the Test Meeting will be shared in due time.
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