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FIATA General Meeting date announced


The Extended Board met last 24 September and adopted the FIATA model regional rules for consistency across all four FIATA regions. These model rules will ensure an equal framework across the regions and were largely welcomed by the Extended Board members. The meeting highlighted presentations from the Customs Affairs Institute (CAI) and the Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI) who reported on their respective activities. The presentations were to the point and well done, helping understand the FIATA priorities in these areas. In CAI, this included work on the revised Kyoto conventions and participation in the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) subgroup, abandoned goods, and COVID-19 responses. In MTI, it brought us across the different modes of transport and related sustainability topics, with work done in containers surcharges and maritime competition issues. The recent development in Working Groups Road and Rail were noted with enthusiasm, with an enlarged participation of members from all around the world.   

Also last week, FIATA Director General participated in the Regional Conversation Series for Building Back Better on ‘Resilient Supply Chains and connectivity’ organized by UNESCAP. The Director General addressed how to incorporate sustainability principles into global supply chains, strengthening FIATA’s expertise on sustainability in front of the international community.


With the recent expansion of FIATA communication activities, FIATA members are advised that from now on, the domain fiata.org, will be used in addition to fiata.com, to deliver member communication from the head office.


ABLM and Working Group Rail activity update   

In recent months, numerous concerns have been raised by FIATA members relating to challenges associated with abandoned cargo, particularly in the current economic situation spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a general guidance note published by FIATA at the height of the outbreak, FIATA has brought together an informal taskforce within the Advisory Body on Legal Matters (ABLM) to work on more detailed best practices guidance on this subject. Importantly, it will provide information on how freight forwarders can stay vigilant and what red flags to look out for in order to finding themselves in a difficult position in this context. The informal taskforce, having identified the key elements to be included, is now in the process of putting together the guidance note to be released to FIATA members later this year.

FIATA also participated in the 22nd session of the UNECE Group of Experts towards a Unified Railway Law (URL) for rail transport in the Europe-Asia space. This session raised a number of crucial questions relating to, among others, infrastructure and operational requirements, the objective and future of the URL, the possible interaction of the URL with other existing agreements, and the negotiability of transport documents. In addition, it was agreed that some aspects were dependent on the ongoing discussions in other international fora such as the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). FIATA will be working with its Working Group Rail and ABLM to further discuss the issues raised so that it can provide its expertise in the upcoming sessions.


Call for re-validations

Given the current situation, the FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI) will continue re-validating Association Members’ training programmes leading to the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding and the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management online. FLI will soon launch the next series of validation sessions for Association Members that were scheduled for re-validation during this year's postponed FIATA World Congress in Busan, Republic of Korea. The invitation for submission of re-validations, along with guidelines, will be sent out mid-October with a deadline for end of November. The validation sessions will be held online and start in January 2021.


New digital strategy video

FIATA’s digital strategy implementation is well underway. The definition of technical specifications for the first two projects, FIATA’s digital identity and FIATA standard trade documents digital library, is progressing under the guidance of the two established working groups.

To ensure that the scope and different projects of the FIATA digital strategy are well understood, a short video explaining the milestones of the strategy, as well the approach being taken to implement them, has been produced. The video is the first in a series that will be shared progressively explaining each project. Watch the digital strategy video on our dedicated webpage.

If you still have questions about FIATA’s digital strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


Save the date: General Meeting

The 2020 FIATA General Meeting will be held online, via Zoom, on Monday, 7 December at 12h30-14h (Central European Time). The decision to hold the General Meeting online follows the postponement of the FIATA World Congress scheduled this October in Busan, Republic of Korea, due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.

Please note important dates and deadlines concerning the upcoming General Meeting:

  • The agenda and connecting details will be shared in the Call for General Meeting that will be issued to Association Members and Observers on Friday, 23 October via email and FDDS.
  • Details for registration will be communicated along with the Call for General Meeting, and registration will open on Friday, 23 October.
  • Supporting documents for the General Meeting will be shared latest on Friday, 30 October via email and FDDS.
  • Questions and comments about the supporting documents, motions or additions to the agenda, should be sent no later than Sunday, 22 November to [email protected].
  • FIATA will organize a Test Meeting on Monday, 30 November to ensure a smooth running of the conferencing system on the General Meeting day, and to test the voting system. Please note that the same voting system will be used as in the Cape Town 2019 General Meeting. Connecting details for the Test Meeting will be shared in due time.

It should be reminded that Association Members can only participate and vote in the General Meeting if membership fees for the financial year 2019 have been paid. For more information, please contact FIATA Administration at [email protected].

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