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New FIATA digital passports explained


Registration for the FIATA General Meeting, which will take place on 7 December 2020, is now closed. If a National Association has not yet registered for the General Meeting, contact the FIATA team immediately at [email protected].

The General Meeting is an important event for FIATA members to exchange on internal matters, such as membership, rules and procedures, finances, and elections. Members are highly encouraged to participate in the governance process to ensure transparency on decisions and activities being carried out by FIATA. So don’t wait any longer; join the 100 members who have already registered for this digital event taking place in 14 days.


Survey results on container surcharge practices

On 17 November, FIATA’s Working Group Sea met to exchange on the progress of the ongoing workstreams and determine next steps. The working group welcomed the launch of FIATA's Toolkit on the FMC Final Rule, produced under the Working Group Sea's guidance, and discussed the preliminary results of the survey on container surcharge practices. The survey was sent out to FIATA members to better understand concerns as to surcharges that are considered unfair and/or lacking in transparency around the world. FIATA presented the results of the survey, which revealed two main issues regarding these practices: the lack of transparency and the negative impact on the supply chain. The survey included responses from 78 countries and the results will help inform the activities of the Working Group Sea in 2021. 

Participation at CIT multimodality meeting

On 20 November, FIATA virtually attended the 6th Meeting of the Multimodality Committee of the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT). Issues related to multimodality were addressed from a cross-sectional perspective, including the interaction between railway law and maritime law, road law, and inland waterway law respectively. Multimodal challenges in international passenger traffic were also discussed. FIATA will continue to follow these topics closely and interact with relevant stakeholders for the benefit of its members.


FLI standard operating procedure now available

During its last meeting on 12 November, the Presidency adopted the standard operating procedure document for the FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI). The document defines the institute’s objectives, its operational structure, and the reporting and planning procedures. The work of FLI will revolves around three task forces: the training standards task force, the digital learning and international cooperation task force, and the young professionals and diversity task force. This foundational document sets the basis for the future work of FLI that will be launched after the election of its new Chair at this year's General Meeting.


New digital identity video

The digital identity project is the essential first building block of FIATA’s digital strategy. By certifying the identity of its members, validating their membership status and confirming they are trustworthy companies, the digital identity profiles will be indispensable to facilitate the exchange of data between FIATA members and their partners. They will act as ‘digital passports’ certifying that FIATA members are trustful data issuers and receivers. These passports will also be used to ensure companies fulfil all the requirements to issue FIATA standard trade documents.

A new video is out to explain this project, watch it on the digitalization page.


Testing before the General Meeting

To ensure the smooth running of this year’s General Meeting, FIATA is organizing Test Meeting next Monday, 30 November at 12:30 (CET) via Zoom. Participants can register for the Test Meeting by clicking here. After registration, participants will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the meeting.

For FIATA Association Members, the Test Meeting will also be an opportunity to try the voting system, which is the same as the one used in the General Meeting 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. More details on accessing the voting platform will be communicated to registered voting delegates in the following days. 

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