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United for a common goal


The FIATA head office held a working session on 21 July to identify opportunities allowed by the new organizational structure, encourage synergies across the business units, and ensure consistency in services provided to members through continuity and coordinated collaboration. With the ‘reset programme’ under way in Geneva, the session aimed at creating a unified vision at the head office to work toward achieving a common goal: to better serve FIATA members.

The FIATA head office has consciously moved away from working in departmental silos and is now embracing horizontal collaboration to support its institutes and advisory bodies, so they can produce their best work and lead logistics and freight forwarding firms in reaching their objectives. FIATA will continue promoting teamwork and transparency in the interest of its members and will report on measurable outcomes from the new way forward.


FIATA to deliver toolkit to members on FMC's Final Rule 

FIATA continues to be active in promoting the Federal Maritime Commission’s Final Rule on assessing the reasonableness of demurrage and detention. This landmark decision is of paramount significance to this global issue, with the detailed analysis stemming from its six-year investigatory process being of relevance to jurisdictions worldwide. FIATA is now working on developing a toolkit to empower its members to engage on this topic in their national contexts.

On airfreight, FIATA is committed to engaging with its members to assess their needs in relation to IATA TACT rates and rules books. It is therefore launching a survey in the coming weeks to find out more about the usage of TACT and how it can be optimized.


Welcoming new training members and encouraging regional collaboration

Resuming the validation sessions online, the FIATA head office is happy to announce that one more member association is now validated to deliver the FIATA Diploma in International Freight Forwarding. The Uganda Freight Forwarders’ Association (UFFA) joins the 47 Association Members in 43 countries to deliver training programmes meeting the FIATA Minimum Standards. Congratulations to UFFA for their great work and wish them success in this new endeavour.

Recent regional meetings, particularly in the Americas and Asia-Pacific, have highlighted training and education needs in the industry. The FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI) plans to work closely with the regions and support them in responding to needs in this area. FLI is looking to participate and exchange at future regional meetings that address this theme and encourages the regions to contact the FIATA head office for this purpose. This also echoes the discussion at the last meeting of the Extended Board to encourage more interaction between the regions through cross-participation in regional meetings.


First working group meeting takes place

As part of its digital strategy, the FIATA head office successfully held its first working group meeting on 17 July 2020. The working group - composed of FIATA members as well as members of the Advisory Body on Information Technology, technological experts, members of international organizations running similar projects, and software vendors - was created to define the technical specifications of the FIATA digital identity project. Main takeaways of the meeting noted that:

  • Certified digital identities are a key enabler of the data exchange ecosystems. Data is no longer shared in a bilateral way but is now made available to trusted stakeholders, through these ecosystems, who proactively retrieve data from its original issuer.
  • FIATA’s legal expert’s involvement in the project will be key to guarantee that the selected digital identity format(s) will be in agreement with the existing legislations.   

The second meeting of the FIATA digital strategy will take place at the end of August and will focus on the FIATA Standard Trade Document Digital Library project.


The next Region Americas meeting will take place this Thursday, 6 August from 16:00-17:00 (CET). Special guest Past President of ASAPRA (International Association of Professional Customs Agents) and former representative to the Private Sector Consultative Group of the World Customs Organization Alfonso Rojas will join the meeting as a speaker on the customs topic and will discuss customs implementation in Latin America. The Region Americas members will also discuss airlines projections for this year and next year. If you wish to attend this session, please contact Pauline Dutertre, Regional Manager Region Americas, at [email protected].

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