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Continued vigilance toward phishing emails, GM Test Runs and FWC Registrations!

Be careful of scam emails!

FIATA would like to inform its members that several scam emails have been sent purporting to be from FIATA and deceitfully mentioning a change in FIATA bank details. FIATA members are therefore advised to follow some recommended practices should they be unsure of the identity of the sender.

How to recognise a phishing email?

  1. Look at the sender’s email address: it should be a legitimate domain email address (name of the company) with no strange addition to it   

Example: [email protected] (legitimate) VS [email protected] (phishing)

  1. Look at the content of the email: Legitimate companies know how to spell and if there are several spelling or grammar mistakes,this should be an alert. Legitimate companies will not ask to provide any sensitive information (password, credit card, etc.). Phishing campaigns also typically create a sense of urgency.
  2. Look at attachments and links: hover on the link to check the URL. If the URL doesn’t match with the link displayed, is extremely long, doesn’t match with the context of the email or doesn’t correspond to a legitimate domain name, the chances are that this is a phishing attempt so DO NOT click on it!

What to do when receiving this kind of phishing email?

If you identify an email as a phishing attempt, don’t click on any link, don’t open any attachment and don’t answer to the email. In case of doubt, please contact FIATA at [email protected].

2022 General Meeting: Test sessions

The 2022 FIATA General Meeting (GM), welcoming FIATA Association members, will take place virtually on Thursday, 30 June from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST

As is customary, the FIATA Headquarters is organising several test sessions ahead of the GM for Association members, their voting delegates and other appointed representatives in order to ensure they do not experience technical issues on the voting day.

Association members are invited to reserve their seats to one of the following test meeting sessions, which will best fit their schedule.

Register here for the Monday, 27 June at 12:00 CEST session.
Register here for the Monday, 27 June at 17:00 CEST session.

Please note that Article 4.7 of the FIATA Statutes sets the deadline to pay the annual membership contribution for 31 May of each calendar year. It is important to note that this financial requirement is a condition for Association members to be able to vote at the 2022 GM. If these conditions are not met, the Association member will not be allowed to vote.

Sign up for the 2022 FIATA World Congress!

FIATA members, non-members and friends are invited and reminded to register for the 2022 FIATA World Congress, which will take place from Wednesday 14 September to Friday 16 September, with pre-meetings, for FIATA members only, from Monday 12 September to Tuesday 13 September.

It is recommended that FIATA members start reviewing travel arrangements now, such as visa requests or K-ETA requirements, to ensure a smooth arrival in South Korea. Please check out entry requirements on the official Congress website.

Sign-up now!

You can still enter the FIATA Freight-Pay competition for National Association members to win some exciting prizes! 

FIATA National Associations are reminded to enter the Freight-Pay competition launched at the FIATA HQ Meeting! The scope is for National Associations to enroll a maximum number of FIATA members on the platform (Highest number of registrations from FIATA members wins):

  • 1st prize: 2x flights + tickets for 2022 FIATA World Congress
  • 2nd prize: 1x free pass for 2023 FIATA HQ Meeting + 4 hotel nights
  • 3rd prize: Finest premium Swiss chocolate assortment

At present, the top three Associations are:

  1. Egypt – EIFFA (7 users)
  2. Pakistan – PIFFA (6 users)
  3. Turkey- UTIKAD (5 users)

Enter here now for your chance to win!

ICAO-UN to host webinar on 'Air Cargo Digitalization in COVID-19 Times: Perspectives on Legal Frameworks and Solution Implementation'

FIATA will take part in the upcoming ICAO-UN organised webinar on air cargo digitalisation on 28 June. In the event outline, it is described as 'part of a series on digitalization through which ICAO and partner United Nations (UN) agencies are promoting the concept of air cargo digitalization and raising awareness among States’ civil aviation administrations, customs authorities, economic regulators, and industry stakeholders of the fundamental role of air cargo transportation system as part of the broader supply chain that will drive global economic recovery expansion.'

The event has been 'Tailored to the States in the ICAO North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean Regions, and this edition will focus on legal frameworks that enable implementation of digital transport and trade solutions: What are the latest developments and plans to advance digitalization? What are some of the legal challenges States must address before they implement these latest standards and architectures and how? What are some of the successes and challenges implementers would like to share?'. 

FIATA has intensively collaborated with ICAO on digitalisation, and is at the forefront of discussions in this area for their members. Stay tuned for a post-event summary.


  • 28 June ¦ ICAO Webinar - Air Cargo Digitalisation in COVID-19 Times: Legal Frameworks and Solution Implementation
  • 30 June ¦ FIATA General Meeting
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