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FIATA called "a good example to follow" in meeting of Experts on Supply Chain Digitalization


Following the digitalization of the FIATA invoicing system, members are advised that their membership invoices were issued in January from the email domain @fiata.org. If a member has not received their invoice, kindly check the spam folder. Should there be any questions, please contact FIATA at [email protected].

In an effort to facilitate direct communication with Barbara Wieser in her duties with the FIATA Foundation, members can now email [email protected] for any queries. 


Calling on FIATA Regions to take the survey on sustainability in logistics

The Working Group Sustainable Logistics (WGSL) is currently identifying the most important UN Sustainable Development Goals for the freight forwarding community, as part of their work on establishing a common understanding of sustainability in logistics. Following an internal consultation, the WGSL has now invited the FIATA Regions to take part in this important consultation. Their contributions will feed the discussions within the WGSL and will ensure that the views of all FIATA members are adequately represented in the results of the survey.

The WGSL would like to thank the regional members who have already participated in the survey and looks forward to receiving additional answers. For further information, please contact the WGSL Manager, Dr Frédérique Roche at [email protected].

YIFFYA deadline for candidates' submission approaching

The deadline for Association Members to select a candidate for the Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFYA) is 31 January. Candidates will then receive information on the topic of their dissertations by mid-February. FIATA encourages participation in the YIFFYA to promote young talents in the industry. For more information on how to get involved, please see the YIFFA page or contact Dr Frédérique Roche at [email protected].


FIATA called "a good example to follow" in meeting of Experts on Supply Chain Digitalization

On 20 January, FIATA attended a meeting of Experts on Supply Chain Digitalization organized by ICAO and UNECE. FIATA has taken the lead by working with UN/CEFACT experts to map its paper FIATA bill of Lading (FBL) with the Multimodal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT RDM), which will constitute the basis of its eFBL standard.

The meeting focused on how interoperability between all modes of transport can be enhanced by using standards, such as the UN/CEFACT Reference data models, and specifically how air transport could benefit from ensuring its main trade documents (such as the eAWB and the Dangerous Goods Declaration) are interoperable with UN/CEFACT semantic. FIATA shared its experience with the group and was mentioned several times as a good example to follow and a reference point in this matter. Discussions addressed the importance of ensuring the interoperability of the languages/semantics used throughout the supply chain, which does not necessarily mean that all modes of transports should align or comply to one unique standard. New technologies, based on A.I., were mentioned as promising to automate the interpretation of data and the interoperability of semantics.

Participants also stressed the need to make digital trade documents more accessible to all supply chain stakeholders. FIATA aims to achieve this by having its standard available to all software providers, ensuring that FIATA members are able to generate the eFBL through their everyday tools.


Save the date for the 2021 FIATA Week, the new annual HQ Meeting

From 22-25 March, the FIATA Week will be the new annual rendez-vous for FIATA Association Members to revise the objectives of the institutes and advisory bodies and move the work forward. Members will be offered Capacity Building and High-Level Dialogue sessions where they will hear about key developments and solutions in the industry. Association Members will also get to hear more about FIATA activities and get to know the new HQ team. A detailed agenda will be shared with all members in the following weeks. For more information on this event, see the full news story on the new HQ Meeting formula.

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