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FIATA Week drives the change for freight forwarding associations 

FIATA Week drives the change for freight forwarding associations  

The 2021 FIATA Week took place online from 22-25 March and had more than 300 participants join the 4 days of meetings. Despite being held online due to the pandemic, the event had high numbers of participation, with 31 sessions taking place and more than 1,000 virtual connections made to the overall meetings. Under the theme ‘Driving the Change’, the FIATA Week provided a platform for FIATA bodies to discuss their annual work plan, offered capacity-building sessions for members, introduced high-level dialogues with top-quality speakers, and provided an opportunity for FIATA members to meet the HQ team in Geneva. Read the full press release

To watch the high-level dialogues on the digitalization in the supply chain, the FMC, safety and security of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, and the Presidency's Views from the Top session, go to our YouTube channel.

Important information for FIATA members: Due to the current pandemic circumstances, there may be delays in sending the FIATA member certificates by post. Please note that the digital version of the FIATA member certificate may be printed out and used until the original FIATA member certificate is received by post. 


Blockage in the Suez Canal shows supply chains' vulnerability

The blockage in the Suez Canal, which led to a major stop in international trade, shows the vulnerability of the world’s supply chains and has many consequences. It is a reminder that all companies must have crises plans. It will be for freight forwarders to come up with creative solutions encompassing combinations of the different modes of transport amidst an already disrupted supply chain. Such situations will no doubt put pressure on customers to look at the airfreight option, as many businesses were still run on the ‘just in time’ delivery concept – the automobile industry being one of them. It is to be seen if the alternate airfreight solution is an acceptable one considering the already inflated rate market.

While the Suez Canal remains and will continue to remain a preferred route considering the time and fuel saved, international trade will have to revisit their drawing boards in terms of inventory management – taking lessons from this situation in the context of an already disrupted supply chain. In addition, FIATA continues to closely monitor demurrage and detention practices to ensure that unfair conditions are not enforced on other stakeholders in times of stress. As the ‘Architects of Transport’, the freight forwarding industry is managing the supply chain through its know-how and the use of various modes of transport. Freight forwarders will be crucial to supporting shippers with tailor-made solutions related to other modes of transport such as rail and airfreight services, as well as a combination of sea/air shipments may offer solutions. FIATA supports the further development of alternative routes of multimodal transport, to secure competitive alternatives for the freight forwarding industry, including rail transport from Asia to Europe.

Read the related press release on the disruptions to the maritime supply chain. 


FIATA pledges to advance gender balance in aviation and logistics  

Under the guidance of the Presidency and in concertation with the Chair of the Airfreight Institute, FIATA Director General, Dr Stéphane Graber, signed The Women in Aviation & Logistics Pledge, an initiative launched by Change Horizon and Meantime Communications to advance gender balance in aviation and logistics.

By signing the pledge, FIATA commits to:

  • Join the conversation and work together with the other signatories of the pledge to define the industry targets and action plan needed to achieve gender equality in aviation and logistics sectors
  • Act as an advocate for change within the aviation and logistics sectors
  • Make a difference for gender equality and broader diversity within our industry and organization

FIATA is strongly committed to advancing gender equality in the freight forwarding and logistics sectors and invites its members to sign the pledge, available at https://www.changehorizon.ch/women-pledge.




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