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Global shipping roundtable on preventing wildlife trafficking happening today and tomorrow

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The June issue of the FIATA Review is now available. Key topics discussed include advice for freight forwarders during the contracting process, guidance on digital training, FIATA's collaboration with key industry organizations, the FIATA Week in numbers and a conversation with speakers from the high-level dialogues, and more. Keep up with the latest news from FIATA through the quarterly published magazine and get social on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram and YouTube.


Guest speaker from NYSHEX presents at Working Group Sea Transport meeting 

On 9 June, FIATA's Working Group Sea Transport welcomed guest speaker Gordon Downes from the New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) to understand more about its two-way committed contracts solution between shippers and carriers, and to consider if this could be a possible solution to the current disruptions in the maritime supply chain. The presentation provided an insight into this digital solution, which systematically tracks every milestone of the contact performance. In the context of concerns of spot market rates for smaller shippers and the adverse impact this has for economies as a whole, as well as an overall lack of reliability and contract enforceability, this provided interesting food for thought. The Working Group Sea Transport is currently looking further into this topic to consider the feasibility and desirability to work towards a similar solution for freight forwarders.


Global shipping roundtable on preventing wildlife trafficking happening today and tomorrow

The two-day Global Shipping Roundtable on Private Sector Cooperation to Combat Illicit Wildlife and Timber Trafficking in Containerized Supply Chains kicked off today. The virtual event is co-organized by FIATA, UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency), TRAFFIC, United for Wildlife, and WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature).

Wildlife trafficking has long been a concern for the sector, as it is known that wildlife traffickers misuse the legitimate transport and logistics services provided by the freight forwarding industry, putting the supply chain at risk. The global shipping roundtable is an opportunity for relevant stakeholders to look at some successful initiatives to tackle maritime wildlife trafficking and discuss how to enhance the private sector’s capacity to address this issue. FIATA Director General Dr Stéphane Graber highlighted in his opening remarks FIATA’s commitment to support action against wildlife trafficking by raising awareness and support capacity-building among its members.

FIATA participates in the Global Supply Chain Management Education and Innovation Forum

On 19 June, FIATA Director General Dr Stéphane Graber participated in the 2021 Global Supply Chain Management Education and Innovation Forum organized under the auspices of the Sino-American Logistics Council. FIATA provided insights on the challenges encountered by the freight forwarding and logistics industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual event also provided an opportunity for FIATA to promote its educational programmes to an audience composed of university students and faculty based in China, the US and Europe, as well as government and industry representatives responsible for transportation and logistics. As the event organizers mentioned: “The global post-pandemic economic recovery is bringing new challenges to the supply chain industry. Dr Graber’s presentation provided valuable insight for our global audience. This is especially important for students to understand the changing global industry that they will be building their careers in. We are looking forward to further collaborations with FIATA in the near future”.


FIATA and ICHCA renew MoU 

FIATA and the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) held an online signing ceremony today to renew their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and set in stone a long-lasting collaboration. This MoU facilitates close coordination between both organizations to help them pursue their respective goals and further mutual understanding. It also creates the framework for cooperation that will enable both FIATA and ICHCA to benefit from agreed actions and initiatives to achieve common objectives.

The identified areas for collaboration in the MoU include the engagement of all actors in safety and security-related topics, the digitalization of the supply chain, the improvement and reinforcement of operational efficiency, and regulatory and policy developments around the world that may impact on the activities of the supply chain. Read the full press release and watch a short video for more background on this collaboration.

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