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e-Flash - Safety and Security first!

21 September 2021

Safety and Security first! UNODC visited FIATA HQ to explore possible collaboration

Representatives from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) visited FIATA headquarters on 15 September, and provided insight on their Container Control Programme (CCP). Jointly established by the UNODC and the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 2004, this programme aims at combatting safety and security threats at the borders by building capacity in several regions. It allows for the support of container controls that help counter the trafficking of all sorts of illicit goods using training, equipment and communications as essential tools.

The UNODC representatives responsible for the Container Control Programme demonstrated their interest in exploring possible collaboration with FIATA and its regions to facilitate trade while fighting trafficking.

FIATA, through the work of its Advisory Body on Safety and Security (ABSS), remains strongly committed to support all efforts in view of maintaining the integrity of the supply chain.


FIATA joined the Industry Advisory Board of the ICC Digital Standards Initiative

FIATA is very pleased to be in a position to make its members' voice heard through the appointment of its Director General, Dr. Stéphane Graber, to the newly formed International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Digital Standards Initiative (DSI) Industry Advisory Board.

Together with 29 cross-industry and cross-regions industry leaders – including strategic organisations such as GS1, WCO, IPCSA, SWIFT, GLEIF, BIMCO, DCSA, Freight and logistics, banks, retailers and commodity companies –, FIATA's DG will work under the auspices of the DSI Governance Board to ensure that the DSI’s focus and implementation plans remain relevant to the needs of global business – freight forwarding industry included.

The ICC Digital Standards Initiative was launched in 2020 to promote greater economic inclusion and create opportunity for all parties involved in the international supply chain, through the development of open trade and technology standards. Its scope is to build on work done by various likeminded initiatives, and coordinate all parties in the harmonisation of data formats and processes.
FIATA's groundwork on the Multimodal Bill of Lading (eFBL) project and open standard has been the basis for the federation's involvement in this Advisory Board, which will be highly beneficial moving forward.


Region meetings welcomed the YIFFYA contestants

Association Members have now held a final vote to nominate their candidates to the positions of chair and vice-chair of their respective regions in view of the upcoming General Meeting. 

The recently held Region Americas, Africa and Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe meetings also welcomed each of their respective candidates to the Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year award. This was also a good opportunity for these young candidates to train on their presentation skills before the final YIFFYA event in November.

The Region Europe meeting also welcomed a presentation by Ms. Tana Foarfă, Policy Advisor to MEP Dragoș Pîslaru, on the impact of the European Union recovery and resilience mechanism on business.



  • 18 November – FIATA 2021 General Meeting






  • 29 September – 3rd UIC Intertran Workshop on the prospects of intermodal transport digitalization | Participation of FIATA Senior Vice-President Ivan Petrov



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