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The eFBL gets momentum at UNECE meetings


FLI Task Force meetings kick off

The newly established FIATA Logistic Institute (FLI) strives to develop key initiatives in response to the current challenges Association Members face in the field of training and education.

On 27 April, FLI had the first meeting of its Task Force 2 to discuss future projects related to digital learning and international cooperation. In the coming months, the Task Force 2 will work on offering guidance on the implementation of a digital learning strategy for FIATA Association Members. In parallel, the work of the other two FLI task forces focuses on the FIATA training standards and young professionals and diversity. More on the work of these task forces will be reported over the year.


The eFBL gets momentum at UNECE meetings

Almost a year after the launch of its digital strategy, FIATA’s efforts to advance the supply chain’s digitalization are being recognized by other international organizations.  

FIATA recently participated in two meetings (co)-hosted by UNECE. On 21 April, FIATA Senior Vice President, Ivan Petrov, presented FIATA’s future eFBL solution at the ICAO-UNECE webinar on Air Cargo Digitalization in COVID-19 Times. On 27 April, Lucelia Tinembart, FIATA Digital Projects Officer, presented the eFBL at the 36th UN/CEFACT Forum. The eFBL project was highlighted in both meetings as a good example of use of the UN/CEFACT MMT Reference data model. FIATA underlined the importance of ensuring the interoperability of its standards with all modes of transport and actors of the supply chain, which will be facilitated by the use of the global and widely semantic developed by the UN/CEFACT.

A first version of the eFBL standard is now available on FIATA’s Git Hub repository. Please note that this version is currently being tested through the eFBL proof of concept and may still evolve. Have any feedback? Send it to [email protected].


Advertise in the upcoming issue of the FIATA Review

The FIATA Review underwent a transformation in 2020, updating its look and feel and increasing its readership.

The next issue of the FIATA Review magazine is out in June and will be packed with a wide range of freight forwarding articles related to international trade and law, training and education, digitalization in the supply chain, and more. If your business would like to stand out from the competition and gain traction among the main actors of the supply chain, familiarize them with your services, and increase your brand awareness, then the FIATA Review is where you should advertise!

For more information, view the FIATA Review media kit or contact FIATA Marketing and Events Officer, Pauline Dutertre at [email protected].

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