Maritime Taskforce Campaign

Support the cause of the FIATA Maritime Taskforce

The FIATA Maritime Taskforce is investigating the disparity in the maritime sector with large carriers who have joined to create alliances, which have a potential adverse effect on other logistics supply chain stakeholders, and who alone, today represent over 80% of the market.

This campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of freight forwarding and the risks of vertical integration on the global economy.  

The freight forwarding community comes together and invites the general public, investors, shipping companies and other industry stakeholders to support the cause of the FIATA Maritime Taskforce, which is investigating the disparity in the maritime sector. Large carriers who have joined together to create alliances have a potential adverse effect, with ownership of a sizeable 80% of the market today. FIATA sees it a priority to ensure a diversified, competitive marketplace, which provides SMEs with a level playing field, and fair market conditions for the benefit of the overall health of the supply chain.

 In recent months, FIATA has carried out significant work within its Maritime Taskforce remit, and there is still lots to be done. Your support is key!