Article 2 Purpose and attainment of purpose

2.1 The purpose of FIATA is to act as an umbrella organisation for the national and regional associations of freight forwarders throughout the world; to safeguard, promote and co-ordinate professional and branch interests on an international plane, in particular by:

2.1.1 Maintaining contacts with international and supranational authority organisations and associations of transport and commercial interests;

2.1.2 Participating, within the scope of its purposes as a member of such associations, federations, groupings and affiliations or otherwise co-operating with these insofar as they pursue the same or similar interests;

2.1.3 Being active in the determination of customary usage/regulations in international business;

2.1.4 Promoting the image and acceptance of the forwarding industry by public relations work;

2.1.5 Issuing publications and specialised literature;

2.1.6 Providing support for its members;

2.1.7 Conducting training and further training seminars;

2.1.8 Promoting solidarity and fair competition and the exchange of business and technical experience;

2.1.9 Dealing with specific and general questions in commerce and transport;

2.2 FIATA is a non-profit making association.