Article 7 Institutes, Regional Committees, Standing Committees, ad hoc Working Groups

7.1 The Presidency may delegate certain duties to Institutes, in particular questions concerning land-, sea-, air- and multimodal transport, logistics and customs, trade concessions and information technology issues.

7.2 The Presidency may appoint Standing Committees to prepare resolutions, compile recommendations and undertake professional advice.

7.2.1 The Presidency shall be permitted, after consulting the Extended Board, to establish Regional Committees, which at the Presidency’s discretion may be given political autonomy in regard purely matters that concern their own regions. Regional Committees are supranational organisations only. Further, such Regional Committees shall be self-financed by and from amongst its own members.

7.3 The Presidency may form ad hoc Working Groups to handle specific tasks.

7.4 The Presidency shall decide on the dissolution or merger of such Committees and Working Groups.

7.5 The various bodies shall be called upon in the deliberations of the Extended Board with respect to all specialised questions or questions concerning their organisational structure.

7.6 The members of the bodies shall be experts in the relevant specialised sectors. Their office is honorary and the members are bound to observe confidentiality.

7.7 The meetings of the Institutes and Standing Committees are open to all members of FIATA and other interested parties insofar as the chair at that meeting shall not restrict guest attendance on cogent grounds. The meetings of the Regional Committees are only accessible to their full members and members with observer status.

7.8 The various bodies shall be governed by business regulations, drawn up within that body but approved by the

Statutory General Meeting or the Presidency in the case of Standing Committees.

7.9 Association and Group Members may nominate a delegate and a deputy, with joint right of vote, to each FIATA Institute. If there are several Association or Group Members from one territory or region they shall, to- gether, hold only one vote.

7.10 The members of the Standing Committees and the ad hoc Working Groups shall be nominated by the respective chairs and their office confirmed by the Presidency.

7.11 The chairs of the Institutes, the Standing Committees and their deputies shall be confirmed by the Electoral General meeting at a motion by the Presidency.

7.11.1 The chairs of ad hoc Working Groups and their deputies will be appointed or dismissed by the Presidency on a motion by the Extended Board.

7.11.2 The term of office of the chairs of the Institutes and Standing Committees and their deputies shall be two years. The term shall begin with the relevant General Meeting. Re-election is possible. The term of office of the chairmen of ad hoc Working Groups is restricted to the period of activity of that Working Group.