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e-Flash - E-commerce and multimodality

05 October 2021

Successful second edition of the FIATA Connect series

"Today's e-commerce boom: challenge or opportunity for freight forwarders?"

This (members only) webinar focused last week on the major supply chain shifts induced by the rapid rise in e-commerce activities following the COVID-19 crisis.

About 100 participants benefited from the useful insights provided by our three guests speakers:

Mr. Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo at IATA: “The pandemic had a clear impact on e-commerce as it triggered an exponential growth in e-commerce activities across the world, especially in the US, Latin America, Europe and China. As an example, the Chinese e-commerce market is now 2 years ahead on expected growth, while the US and Latin America are respectively 3 and 5 years ahead. The crisis also impacted consumer behaviour in 2020, in the sense that more eco-friendly deliveries and packaging are now requested by customers.”

Mr. Pranab Kumar Das, Director of Compliance and Facilitation at the World Customs Organisation (WCO): “The WCO developed an E-commerce package with several tools to support its members and help them implement the WCO Cross-Border E-Commerce Framework of Standards and its correlated principles.” Several interesting national best practices were given as examples.

Prof. Manuel Alba Fernandez, Director of the Private Law Department at the University Carlos III of Madrid: “As business are increasingly data and information driven, legal frameworks need to keep on adapting to these evolving practices. As such, it is suggested that legal frameworks will need to adapt to: an increased digitisation and consolidation/integration of documentary processes; to reshaping the role of intermediaries through digital technology; and to further automation of logistics processes (from human-driven to machine-driven).”


FIATA welcomes the WCO PSCG new Chair and new Vice-Chair

FIATA is an active member of the World Customs Organization's Private Sector Consultative Group (WCO PSCG) and as such, works in collaboration with many private sector representatives to inform and advise the WCO Secretary General, the WCO Policy Commission and WCO Members on Customs and international trade matters from the perspective of the private sector. This group recently welcomed a new Chair, Mr. Jaime King, IFCBA (Mexico), and a new Vice-Chair. Mr. Colm Leonard, IBM (Ireland). FIATA is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with them on digitalisation and e-commerce; trade facilitation (with the implementation of the WTO TFA); and to ensure that requirements are suitable for SMEs, notably regarding the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.


Announcement of the FIATA 2021 General Meeting

The official Call of Meeting was sent to members by email on 01 October 2021. All information pertaining to this year’s General Meeting – which will be held on 18 November 2021 – is available to Association Members and their delegates also on FDDS under the General Meeting tab. Other FIATA members interested in attending only, can contact Headquarters at [email protected] (More information to come on the General Meeting in the upcoming eFlashs.)


Don't miss the upcoming FIATA UIC Online Market Place Seminar!

On 14 October, the 2021 joint FIATA UIC Online Market Place Seminar "Multimodality in the year of rail", organised with the support of CLECAT, will focus on the enablers of multimodality in the year of rail. Digitalisation and corridors development will be the main topics addressed during several interactive sessions, together with concrete examples of multimodal enablers around the world (Europe, India, South Africa) in the rail freight sector.

| Open to FIATA members and non-members

| Programme and registration link now available on the dedicated website: www.marketplaceseminar.org



  • 18 November – FIATA 2021 General Meeting
  • From 25 to 28 October – Institutes meetings
  • From 01 to 04 November – Advisory Bodies meetings
  • From 08 to 11 November – Regional meetings


  • 15 November – High-Level Dialogue on digitalisation |Online event open to FIATA members and non-members (more information to come)
  • 16 November – High-Level Dialogue on policy |Online event open to FIATA members and non-members (more information to come)
  • 17 November – Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year award |Online event open to FIATA members and non-members (more information to come)


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