Hosting the FIATA Train-the-Trainer (TOT) Programme

The FIATA TOT Programme is an opportunity for association members who do not meet the criteria to apply to the subsidised TOT training by the FIATA Foundation, or that wish to hold more than one ToT course in their territory, to train a pool of trainers in order to deliver the FIATA Training Programmes.

The trainees will receive an intensive course by a FIATA accredited instructor who will be sent on site for the training. Upon successful completion of the course, the trainees will receive a FIATA Train-The-Trainer Certificate, which will validate the skills and knowledge gained through this intensive programme.

How to apply to the FIATA TOT Programme?

For the terms, conditions and fees associated with the FIATA TOT Programme, interested association members can contact the dedicated team at [email protected].

Step-by-step process to request a FIATA TOT Certificate

Upon completion of the TOT course by a FIATA accredited instructor, the trainees can ask for a FIATA ToT Certificate acknowledging their participation in the FIATA TOT Programme. The request shall be done by the association member for which the course has been delivered.

See below the step-by-step process to request the FIATA TOT Certificate.

  • Step 1: Association Members must submit a complete and accurate list of the successful trainees using the available template to FIATA at [email protected].
  • Step 2: Once the submitted documents are fully verified, FIATA will send an electronic invoice to the Association Member within 5 business days.
  • Step 3: Upon receipt and verification of payment to FIATA’s bank account, FIATA will issue the certificates within 5 business days. Certificates issued will indicate the title of the certification, certificate number, name of the graduate, date and place of issuance, and be signed by FIATA President and FIATA Director General. Please note that sometimes it may take up to 10 business days for FIATA to receive payment from Association Members.
  • Step 4: FIATA will send the certificates by courier service. Please note that FIATA cannot guarantee the delivery timeframe for courier service; however, a tracking number will be provided to the Association Member to monitor the delivery status.