FIATA Review - August 2023

FIATA Review
29 August 2023

Dear reader,

FIATA is thrilled to invite you to dive into the latest edition of the FIATA Review, in which a plethora of important topics are addressed for freight forwarders and the logistics sector at large. This issue focuses on bringing valued-added support to FIATA Members, amongst many pressing topics for the global freight forwarding sector. Discover:

  • Exclusive insights into the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) updates and their profound implications for freight forwarders.
  • The forefront of innovation as we delve into FIATA's ongoing digitalisation efforts, including FIATA transport documents, the revolutionary FIATA Digital Identity (also from the perspective of the WTO), and the development of trusted networks.
  • FIATA's relentless pursuit of a level-playing field, laying the foundation for an equitable and harmonised maritime supply chain.
  • Young Logistics Professionals in action at the top of their sector, and how FIATA Associations, HR teams and trainers can encourage young professionals to join the sector! 
  • FIATA's groundbreaking Global Air Cargo Programme, set to revolutionise Regions Asia-Pacific and Africa and Middle East, unlocking new horizons for airfreight efficiency.
  • The extraordinary journey of ECX Global Logistics President, in the Life of a Freight Forwarder section. From military service to high fashion and logistics leadership, a testament to the diversity of paths in our industry.
  • Comprehensive details about the eagerly anticipated FIATA World Congress 2023, 5 reasons why you cannot miss it, and answers to the most pressing questions on your mind. 

The August edition of the FIATA Review is your gateway to staying informed, inspired, and connected in the ever-evolving realm of global logistics. Don't miss out – immerse yourself in this enriching experience now!

📖 Read it today and explore the future of freight forwarding with FIATA! 🚢✈️🚆🚛📦 #FIATAReview

FIATA Review - August 2023