FIATA welcomes new HQ Team member and seeks your voice to guide its work!

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1 February 2024

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The countdown to the 2024 FIATA HQ Meeting has begun! Register now! - 23 to 26 April

The highly anticipated 2024 FIATA HQ Meeting is just around the corner! The 4-day workshop-style event will be an excellent opportunity to re-encounter and meet fellow FIATA Members in person for the first time in 2024! FIATA delegates will work on solutions to the pressing challenges of the industry with other supply chain actors, and contribute to the development of resources and best practices for its member companies. 

To ensure a seamless registration experience, FIATA addresses Frequently Asked Questions hereFor any other queries regarding the 2024 FIATA HQ Meeting, please contact the FIATA Events team.


Stay tuned for updates on content, workshops, social programs, and tours in the weeks ahead. Get ready for an unforgettable FIATA HQ experience in 2024! 

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2024 FIATA World Congress - Don't miss out on the early bird registration fee until 15 May!

This year, the FIATA World Congress will take place in Panama from 23 to 26 September, and will mark the first time that the South American continent will host the Congress in 23 years. This event, titled 'The Great Connection', will be your perfect opportunity to meet and engage with the global logistics community at large, and hear from industry experts on the most pressing industry topics, with proposed solutions to help you and your business.

Don't forget to register to the 2024 FIATA World Congress, and make the most of the early bird registration to get a reduced booking rate until 15 May!

For any event-related queries about your registration process, accommodation, or general planning ahead of the Congress, please write to the hosting Association's dedicated support team here. Please also check the following FAQs to ensure a smooth visa registration process in case you plan to attend both events.

Cast your bids for the 2027 FIATA World Congress and showcase your country's logistics splendour!

FIATA would like to kindly remind its Association Members that there is still time to share their bids to host the 2027 FIATA World Congress! This excellent opportunity to showcase your country's flare, vigour and relevance as a key logistics supply chain hub should not be missed!

Hosting the FIATA World Congress can provide your country with significant opportunities, bringing visibility and uniting governmental authorities, organisations, and the global logistics supply chain community in your territory to address global issues for the wider freight forwarding and logistics industry.

All required information on how to bid, including the eligibility criteria to check before putting together your Letter of Intent, can be found here, or by clicking on the button below. Please note that the deadline to send your letter is 9 February.

Register and find more information about the 2024 FWC here!

Learn more about the bidding procedure for the 2027 FWC here!

FIATA welcomes new HQ Team member to reinforce membership support services!

FIATA is very pleased to welcome new HQ Team member, Yue Wang, who joins the FIATA Membership Unit as Administration Officer, further reinforcing the team, which now has three dedicated team members to support with the mammoth task of managing the large FIATA Membership. 

Yue has a rich academic background with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Law in International Relations from Sichuan University, China. She also holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. 

With her diverse experiences gained while working for international organisations including the United Nations and Swiss-China Chamber of Commerce, Yue brings with her insights in business development for startups, project management and the directing of operations. Yue looks forward to supporting FIATA members with the services that they need in all membership matters, and will focus in particular on the needs of FIATA Individual Members.

For any membership queries, please write to the dedicated FIATA mailbox [email protected].


FIATA seeks your feedback to provide best level of member support

Share your expectations of the Annual Report!

FIATA is committed to enhancing its services and resources to better meet the needs of its members. For this reason, it would like to know its members' expectations of one of its key publications, the Annual Report!

By filling out the below survey, members can help to ensure that FIATA meets their expectations and bring them the most relevant information each year.

Take part in the FIATA Annual Report survey here

Are you ready for the upcoming air cargo updates on ICS2 Release II and III Multiple Filing?

In the same vein as above, to gather valued FIATA member feedback, FIATA has prepared a survey to understand its members' readiness to comply with ICS2 reporting requirements, which are applicable for goods entering/transiting the EU.

FIATA is conducting the survey in collaboration with the European freight forwarding association (CLECAT), in preparation of the upcoming Trans-European Coordination meeting on the European Union’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2). The survey focuses on the actual use of the multiple filing options* for air freight under ICS2 Release II, and how/if freight forwarders are preparing for ICS2 Release III implementation for road and rail. This will allow for a better understanding of the industry’s needs and any support necessary to aid implementation.  

Please note that in case you have already provided your feedback via CLECAT's survey, there is no need to duplicate your answer by taking this FIATA-hosted survey. 

Kindly complete and circulate this survey to your members, so that FIATA can support the industry effectively in the implementation of ICS2 Release II and III. Please submit your responses to the survey by 1 February COB. 

*A multiple filing means that an ENS is composed of two or more partial ENS filings (i.e. two or more prescribed data sets), which together form an ENS declaration. 

Tell FIATA what you'd like to see in the 2023 Annual Report!

Take the ICS2 Survey here!


2023 'Year in Review' - Highlights of the FIT Alliance's work last year

In early 2022, FIATA co-founded the FIT Alliance with BIMCO, DCSA, the ICC and Swift, with the purpose of ensuring interoperability of digital data standards and systems across the logistics industry. In this group, FIATA:

  • defends the interests of freight forwarders in the ever-changing digital trade landscape;
  • ensures that it creates value for its members through the work of the group, and;
  • helps them to become digital freight forwarders.

The 'Year in Review' highlights key achievements of the group collectively and individually, and highlights areas in which it is changing the digital landscape of the industry through close collaboration with other key digital supply chain stakeholders.

While you're here, to learn more about the FIATA Digital FBL and becoming a digital freight forwarder, statistics on which will be shared in the coming weeks, click here!

Read the FIT Alliance Year in Review here!