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31 October 2023

FIATA President addresses Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business Council Workshop participants

On 24 October, Turgut Erkeskin, FIATA President, spoke at the Opening of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business Council (BSEC BC) Logistical Cooperation workshop held in Istanbul, Türkiye in his first official engagement since being elected as FIATA President.

Mr Erkeskin spoke to the participants, industry leaders and experts, associations and government officials, on the Strengthening of Logistical Cooperation in the wider BSEC Region, focusing on the significance and potential of the Black Sea region as an alternative route connecting Europe and Asia in the Middle Corridor. He underlined the importance of digitalisation and connectivity for seamless border crossing and logistics operations, and shared about FIATA's Digital Strategy and solutions including the eFBL, and how FIATA collaborates with multiple industry stakeholders on the development and adoption of relevant standards to facilitate digitalisation. 

The workshop also touched upon sustainability in the sector, how obstacles can be removed which face multimodal international transport, and reinforcing logistics infrastructure such as roads, bridges, rail lines and airports.  

2024 FIATA World Congress, Panama - Get connected to website and media channels!

For those who attended the 2023 FIATA World Congress, it was clear what a poignant and important role the Talking Stick ceremony had during the closing ceremony. The theme of the next Congress, to be held from 23-27 September in Panama City, will be 'The Great Connection', and FIATA welcomes everyone to sign-up to the event which will unite the global logistics and freight forwarding sector. FIATA's President Turgut Erkeskin has shared a welcome message on the dedicated event website, which will surely intrigue the forwarding community to join us!

All registration, accommodation information, and of course reasons for your attendance can be found on the website. For any questions, please write to the organising association on [email protected]

Social media channels have already been set up and are now in use, don't forget to follow them! 

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Facebook: FIATA 2024

2023 FWC photos and video also available now!

If you still haven't had a chance to see the 2023 FIATA World Congress photo, make sure not to miss out on this link! 

FIATA Internal Meetings and FWC Photos

For the official post-event video, please click here.

FIATA congratulates Past President Jean-Claude Delen for his remarkable lifetime achievement in logistics sector service, and on winning the 2023 TIACA Hall of Fame award

FIATA would like to share a warm congratulations to its Past President Jean-Claude Delen, who has been announced as winner of the 2023 TIACA Hall of Fame award! Mr Delen's long-standing service to the global freight forwarding sector has been duly thanked and rewarded, highlighting the eminence of his role at the reins of FIATA as President during the 2009-2011 term. Prior to this, Delen held Vice President positions from 2000-2001, was Senior Vice President in 2005 and 2008, and Treasurer from 2013-2017. He also served on the FIATA Air Freight Institute and IATA/FIATA Consultative Council. These achievements show the magnitude of Mr Delen's dedicated work and service to the freight forwarding sector at large.

British Cargo Ship, Verity, sinks off German coast - FIATA's thoughts are with the families of the lost and missing sailors

FIATA's thoughts and condolences are with the families of the lost and missing sailors who were victims of the Tuesday morning cargo ship collision approximately 20km off the coast of Helgoland island, North Germany, between Verity, a British-registered ship, and Polesie, of the Bahamas. Faversham Ships, the owner of Verity, which sank shortly after the collision, shared in a statement released yesterday that they were saddened to announce that German authorities had called off the search and rescue of the four remaining sailors who were missing, two days after the sinking of the ship. Two survivors of the collision remain in hospital and one was pronounced dead in the early hours of the search.

Various maritime expert opinions shared on the possible causes of the collision, stating that Verity had seemingly not abided with international maritime law by 'giving way to the right', and that the final steps taken by both crews to resolve the dangerous situation came too late. 

The International Maritime Organization has not published an official statement on the collision, but its regulations on preventing collisions at sea can be accessed here.

For more information on the collision, click here.

FIATA active this autumn representing the voice of its members globally

1. Immediate Past President and Director General at upcoming DP World Global Freight Summit in UAE

From 15-17 November, DP World will gather global logistics experts and decision-makers at the Caspian Week Forum, Global Freight Summit, at the Dubai Coca Cola Arena under the title 'Greater Caspian Region and Global Food and Energy Security: Future of Trade and Logistics'. On behalf of FIATA, Immediate Past President Ivan Petrov and Director General Stéphane Graber, will share on macro trends in the future supply chain and the global freight forwarder perspective on industry volatility, and the opportunities that come with the challenges. Past President Babar Badat will also be one of the speakers.

The objective of this meeting is to gather visionaries and experts to work on the promotion of interaction between the Greater Caspian Region and the rest of the world, to improve cultural, political, business and scientific ties, and introduce and implement innovations and new technologies in the region.

2. FIATA President to attend ACE Air Cargo Logistics event in UAE

Later this year, FIATA President Turgut Erkeskin will be taking part in the ACE Air Cargo Logistics event in Abu Dhabi from 4-6 December, for which FIATA members can receive a discounted rate of 25% off registration costs! ACE is an exclusive and by invitation only premium networking event connecting experts, industry leaders and bold innovators from international air cargo logistics and freight forwarding sectors. ACE is co-hosted by Etihad Cargo & Abu Dhabi Airports and is supported by TIACA, Pharma.Aero, and Women in Aviation Logistics (WAL).

Topics of the event will include the latest innovations in air cargo business models, strategies, technologies, global trends, economics, opportunities, and challenges of the time-critical and special cargoes logistics sector. For the full programme, click here.

FIATA members can register on this link, and should insert the promotional code found below.


FIATA Member Promotional Code: FIATA23ACE


3. FIATA Senior Vice President and Director General to join FITAC Congress in Colombia

In Colombia, the most important annual meeting of the logistics and foreign trade sector in this Latin America region is being prepared. The XXIV International Congress FITAC, from 29 November to 1 December, will bring together the main actors of the supply chain, with more than 500 companies, opinion leaders, associations, authorities and international and national speakers gathering in Cartagena de Indias, to generate spaces for conversation around the competitiveness of trade and customs, and analyse current issues of great relevance such as sustainable logistics and trends for the year 2024. Artificial Intelligence and its impact on international trade, and the rise of women in the transformation and sustainability of logistics, will be key topics.

Click here to see the promotional video!


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