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First 2022 Extended Board convenes

First 2022 Extended Board Meeting convenes

The first FIATA Extended Board Meeting of 2022 convenes this afternoon to address pressing matters as supply chain actors attempt to navigate through the unprecedented times we are living in. The Board will discuss world economies and global supply chains, which are now facing new adverse conditions, with clear impacts on food and energy. 

An update on the eFBL standard, soon available to all members, as well as the FIATA paperless BL and digital tools created by FIATA for its members, will be shared. FIATA is leading industry digitalisation to support its multimodal transport members and this is welcomed with praise by the Presidency and Extended Board members.

The maritime crisis strategy dedicated to members is in full swing and the Board will hear in more detail how extra resources have been implemented to support the roadmap to defend its members.

The work done thus far on the upcoming FIATA HQ Meeting in Geneva, and FIATA World Congress taking place in September in Busan, South Korea will be addressed, and within the frame of the FIATA Congress Committee, the partnership programme will be covered.

For future updates, stay connected with our website news.

2022 Global Supply Chain Sustainability Summit results

The 2022 Global Supply Chain Sustainability Summit took place virtually on 9 March 2022. This virtual summit was organised by Fourkites, the number one global supply chain visibility platform. This exciting conference was an excellent opportunity to gather experts and relevant stakeholders from key actors to further discuss their sustainability goals. The participants shared their experiences of engaging in greener practices. Highlighted points included collaboration and engagement in a multi-stakeholder environment. The importance of embracing digitalisation to explore greener possibilities with expertise was also stressed. 

Transportation alone carried a share of over 20% of global CO2 emissions in 2020, representing one-fifth of the total share (Statista, 2022). Indeed, there are still many goals to be achieved within the industry - FIATA encourages its members to be a part of this change, and to contribute to eco-friendly projects to achieve the green goals for our planet. Measuring GHG emissions will help companies to set their targets. 

FIATA supports these valuable exchanges and is working on providing guidance to its members by sharing best practices and supporting sustainable progress. Raising awareness and capacity-building on sustainability is a key element of FIATA's mission.

IATA-FIATA Consultative Council 83rd session brings change

The 83rd session of the IATA-FIATA Consultative Council (IFCC) took place on 23-24 February. FIATA, with its new and dynamic team of representatives of all regions, provided a number of significant inputs in the interest of ensuring an efficient and effective relationship between airlines and their customers for the benefit of the global air cargo industry. 

In particular, FIATA was pleased to successfully secure an IFCC vote in favour of a suspension of the effectiveness of resolution changes brought by the adoption of "V/8 and V/9" voting items at the 49th Cargo Agency Conference in 2021. This suspension will provide an excellent opportunity for the airline and forwarder representatives to sit together to tackle key issues identified through an IFCC taskforce over the coming year. It will also provide the opportunity to make progress towards a global programme and find ways to modernise the current relationship.

An extended session of the IFCC will be held on 15 March 2022 to complete the remaining agenda items.

For more information on the IFCC outcome, stay tuned.


Upcoming events where FIATA is participating:

  • 10 March ¦ FIATA Extended Board Meeting 
  • 15 March ¦ IFCC Day 2 Extended Session
  • 21 March ¦ WTO Global Supply Chains Forum
  • 22-23 March ¦ TIACA Executive Summit
  • 17-20 May ¦ FIATA HQ Meeting 2022, Geneva


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