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eFlash - Just a few days to go until the world's biggest freight forwarding membership meeting convenes!

13 May 2022

Just a few days to go until the FIATA freight forwarding community meets again!

We are now just around the corner from the first post-pandemic opportunity to meet face-to-face once again to discuss, share, learn and grow as a united freight forwarding community. We have a high-level line-up planned for this 'Reconnect' meeting for members, and very much look forward to welcoming all to Geneva for the first time!

As a reminder, there are no sanitary requirements to enter Switzerland and attend the conference in Geneva. You will find all the necessary information on the procedure for entering and staying in Switzerland at this link. However, for transit flights to Switzerland, do not forget to check the requirements of the transit country.

For the members who have not paid their registration fees yet, please make sure to do so before attending this special event through the FIATA dedicated payment platform. For more information on the event and its programme, click here!

Logistical update: The ticket machine at the airport for free transport tickets has unfortunately been removed, so members will now need to pay for their tickets from the airport to their hotel, but they will receive a free transport ticket for the duration of their stay in Geneva from their hotel. 

There is still time to register virtually for the event. Registrations for online participation close this Saturday. Do not miss the opportunity to join one of FIATA's flagship events!

First collaborative FIATA Regions meeting at HQ Meeting

Next week, on 17 May at 12:30 CEST, FIATA will host the first collaborative Regions meeting in an open-floor format discussion, which will bring in high-level panel speakers from the UNECE, UNESCAP, the World Bank and the ITC.

The pandemic showed us just how important collaborative actions are in the response to supply chain challenges, and for this reason, this year's Regions session will bring together Regions Asia-Pacific (RAP), Americas (RAMs), Africa and Middle East (RAME) and Europe (REU), to discuss the economic recovery post-pandemic, the challenges faced by each Region during this time, and the upcoming developmental goals of each Region. Each Region Chair will provide an overview of their Region's latest updates, hot topics and challenges, and in an open discussion reponse, Regions members will be able to bring forward points to the attention of the session participants.

Trade facilitation, capacity building, supply chain disruption and sustainability will be addressed in turn by the external invited speakers, and a collaborative discussion on the support and growth for each Region individually, but also collectively, will be had in response.

We look forward to welcoming all members to this Regions session, and hope to have productive and forward-thinking, results-oriented discussions with you all!

Maritime webinar series continues with fresh wind in its sails

Last Tuesday, Dr Theo Notteboom (Ghent University / Antwerp Maritime Academy / University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Mr Jonathan Gold (National Retail Federation, USA) delivered Session 2 of the webinar series on market structure and maritime competition. Looking into the issues affecting the global maritime supply chain, the speakers approached the topic from the academic and industry user sides – offering crucial insights to the participants during the lecture and the Q&A.
Among the key highlights of the discussions from an academic perspective, were an analysis of the COVID-19 disruptive effects and underlying mechanisms on the maritime supply chains, supported by a before and after COVID-19 comparison of the state of the ocean shipping industry. In pre-COVID times, ocean carriers were undergoing financial crises leading to mergers, alliances and vessel-sharing to reduce overcapacity, allowing entry into new trades via global service networks. The post-COVID time is a different world, where record profits are used for vertical integration: ocean carriers acquiring inland logistics and terminals, creating digital platforms, expanding into air freight and last mile eCommerce delivery systems. The verticalisation trend is accelerating. Outlook into the uncertain future of the Alliances was provided. A key takeaway for SMEs is the crucial importance of digitalisation to build and secure competitive advantage in the future.

From the (U.S. retail) industry stance, the continuing surge in merchandise trade imports – despite inflation and slower economic growth – was stressed, as well as eCommerce growth. It was noted that pre-existing problems of the maritime supply chain, such as port congestion, chassis shortages, excessive detention and demurrage charges, were exacerbated by COVID, causing the dramatic rate increases. Among the solutions put forward, the growth of collaborative approaches by convening high-level working groups with affected stakeholders was stressed. And again – emphasis was put on digitalisation and the use of information technology to improve supply chain efficiency, such as the creation of national freight portals to provide shipment data through interoperability with shippers’ freight management systems. Finally, the need for more government intervention to prevent rate collusion and unreasonable detention and demurrage charges was highlighted, with mention made of the recent Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) penalties issued against two shipping lines, as well as the efforts to amend and strengthen the Shipping Act authority given to the FMC.

Want to know more? Don’t miss out on your chance to enhance and master these complex issues that are crucial to understand the industry.
Join us for an exceptional high-level panel with policy makers on 20 May! The speakers next time will include high level panellists from:

  • the FMC - Commissioner Ms Rebecca F. Dye
  • the European Commission - Mr Henrik Mørch, Director for Transport, Post and other services, Directorate-General for Competition
  • the Institute of Market Economy, Development Research Centre of the State Council in China - Dr Wei Wang, Director General, and
  • and African Union Commision - Ms Raissa-Julie Ada Allogo - Senior Policy Transport Officer,

making it a particularly important and unmissable industry event!

Register to the webinar series (CHF 120) here to catch up with Session 1 and 2’s replay.

Any questions? Get in touch with [email protected]

FIATA's 'House of Sustainability' roof holding up the skies

FIATA, in collaboration with IATA and TIACA have addressed the importance of sustainability (pages 16-17) in the air cargo industry. In this recent article for the Airline Cargo Management magazine, the Federation addressed its 'House of Sustainability', which is an initiative it has embarked on to improve sustainability in the industry.

With their shared goals, FIATA, alongside the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The International Air Cargo Association TIACA also recently judged on the TIACA sustainability awards, where airlines were awarded for their innovative contributions to sustainable technologies and projects in the industry.

FIATA's House of Sustainability three pillars are:

Planet - focusing on improving industry environmental sustainability by sharing information, with a CO2 best practices repository and emissions calculator amongst other practices, as well as improving the environmental footprint and natural resource reduction through paperless trade documentation,

People - focusing on improved training opportunities, including the FIATA Diploma, Young Logistics Professional Award, and ICAO-FIATA Dangerous Goods training programmes, and

Prosperity - aiming to facilitate trade, promoting policies and strategies for the benefit of all members, hosting events including the HQ Meeting and FIATA World Congress, and working alongside partners including IATA, the WCO, WTO, UNCTAD and more, to enhance this largely collaborative process!


Upcoming events:

  • 17-20 May ¦ FIATA HQ Meeting 2022, Geneva with the participation of all FIATA Association members, their delegates and FIATA international partner organisations 
  • 20 May ¦ Webinar series on maritime crisis solutions organised by FIATA
  • 20-22 June ¦ WCO-PSCG Meeting, Brussels
  • 30 June ¦ FIATA General Meeting


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