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Reminders, recovery and reconnection

Reserved your seat for the upcoming FIATA HQ Meeting?

Have you reserved your spot to attend the FIATA HQ Meeting 2022? You have until Sunday 1 May to register in-person or online to make your contribution and discuss with the key international organisations who have confirmed their presence:

UNCITRAL, UNECE, WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, UNESCAP, ICC, IATA, IRU, UIC, ICHCA, TT Club, Change Horizon, TIACA, the World Bank, DCSA, and Global Shippers' Forum.

The key themes which will be addressed in FIATA Institutes and Bodies sessions at the FIATA HQ Meeting 2022 include:

For the Advisory Body on International Affairs:

  • 'Empowering FIATA Association Members in Implementation of Trade Facilitation Agreements'

For the Advisory Body on Information and Technology:

  • 'What is Needed to Achieve Supply Chain Digitalisation? Addressing the Technical and Operational Challenges: Data Ownership, Data Governance and the Need for Strong Security Infrastructure'

For the Advisory Body on Legal Matters:

  • 'Legal Aspects of the Use of Electronic Transport Documents'
  • 'Building Best Practices for the Use of Electronic Contracts'

For the Advisory Body Safety and Security:

  • 'Practical Actions to Improve Safety and Security in the Supply Chain': 'Promoting Safety in Container Shipping' and 'The Challenges of Cargo Crime'

For the Airfreight Institute:

  • 'Business Recovery (eCommerce, Digitalisation, COVID, etc.)'
  • 'Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI)'

For the Customs Affairs Institute:

  • 'Harnessing Lessons Learned from the COVID Pandemic for Greater Trade Facilitation'

For the FIATA Logistics Institute:

  • 'The Labour Logistics Shortage: Building Global Capacity'

For the Multimodal Transport Institute

  • '2022: The Year of All Dangers - Impacts for Global Supply Chains?'

For FIATA Regions:

  • 'Critical Trade Issues and Capacity Development: Identifying Ways to Work Together as World Regions to Facilitate Global Trade.' 

For more details about the timing of each session, click here.

Keep an eye out for more updates on the full line-up of the event in the coming days on FIATA social networks!

Air cargo: New customs data elements requirements- Egypt

IATA has shared the news that 'In line with the Egyptian customs law No. 207 of 2020, Egypt is implementing an electronic cargo information processing project, effective from 15 April 2022 for all air cargo shipments (with the exception of corpses) terminating in Egypt.'
These three data elements must be provided at MAWB and HAWB level:

  • ACID: a unique 19-digit number identifying the shipment issued by Egypt’s ACI system;
  • Consignee code: a 9-digit number issued by the Egyptian Tax Authority uniquely identifying all registered importers in Egypt;
  • Consignor code: either VAT or Registration number issued by the appropriate authority for the shipper/consignor (exporter) in their home country.

'The government expects to receive these data elements in the FWB and FHL messages. According to the enclosed letter, any deviation from the standard formats will not be accepted and will result in delays in shipment clearances and/or penalties.

The format of the 3 data elements information in the OCI segment is as follows:


Information Identifier

Customs, Security &
Regulatory Control
Information Identifier





OCI/EG/IMP/M/19 digits (ACID#)




OCI/EG/CNE/T/Enterprise Code #




OCI/EG/SHP/T/Enterprise Code #

Discussions are ongoing with the Egyptian authorities to further define the applicable technical requirements.'

The following documents show a letter enclosed to airlines in Egypt:

Maritime webinar on vertical integration- REGISTER NOW!

FIATA, in partnership with the Global Supply Chain Classroom, is organising a three-part webinar series on the critical topic of ‘Market Structure and Maritime Competition’, as part of FIATA’s ongoing efforts to address the maritime supply chain crisis.

  • Session 1 and 2, scheduled on 28 April 2022 and 10 May 2022, will be online lectures delivered by top academic and industry experts and aim at providing in-depth background and historical knowledge.
  • Session 3, taking place on 20 May 2022 in hybrid format, will feature a high-level panel offering insight into possible solutions to tackle the crisis.

 More information on the webinar series can be found here!

Register here!

Port of Durban battered by floods back in service

A week after the Port of Durban was devastated by flooding, it is slowly coming back into service. Minister Pravin Gordhan told reporters that the port is now functioning at 60-100% capacity. Thousands of containers stuck as a result of the crisis will be cleared within five to six days, according to the public enterprises minister.

Reuters reported on President Cyril Ramaphosa's stated figures of 440 dead people, thousands left homeless, and 10$ billion rand ($674.88 million) of damaged infrastructure, amongst the worst floods experienced by the region. The flooding came as a result of torrential downpour on the region.

FIATA's thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones, and any civilians affected by the floods.

EU Customs Union report on customs reform

A North American-based trade law company has picked up on the parallels of an action highlighted by a new report released by European-based individuals from politics, industry, trade, and academia, to the U.S. efforts to reform customs procedures.

The report suggests that the EU customs union needs 'urgent structural change in light of significant increases in trade volumes, the rapid expansion of e-commerce, shifts in the role of customs from simply revenue collection to enforcing EU values (e.g., bans on imports made with forced labor), and a lack of unity in applying customs-related rules and procedures both within and among EU member states.'

The individuals propose that the EU implement a set of measures by 2030, which will next be discussed with the European Parliament and EU member states. The European Commission are encouraged to set up a taskforce. Based on this input, and on broader consultations with stakeholders, the Commission will table a customs reform package by the end of the year.

FIATA supports both USA and EU initiatives, and eCommerce in particular has been something that FIATA has advocated to the WCO as regards it addressing its importance. It is now at the stage that VAT and/or other border duties/charges can be adequately collected and remitted.

For more information on this topic, please contact [email protected].


Upcoming events:

  • 25-29 April ¦ UNCTAD eCommerce Week
  • 28 April 12:00-13:00 CEST ¦ Webinar series on ‘Market Structure and Maritime Competition' organised by FIATA
  • 17-20 May ¦ FIATA HQ Meeting 2022, Geneva with the participation of all FIATA Association members, their delegates and international partner organisations 
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