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FIATA Review

The FIATA Review presents a global outlook on transport and logistics developments, as well as the latest news from the FIATA secretariat and its members. The magazine is published quarterly in print and digital format and is distributed to the freight forwarder industry worldwide. 


15 July 2022

FIATA Review - July 2022

In this issue: FIATA HQ Meeting Special! Read more on the main takeaways of the engaging sessions to have taken place. Find out more from FIATA Members in their latest news, and anticipate the upcoming 2022 FIATA World Congress in Busan in September. Read from experts on the freight forwarding outlook and statistics of recent months in our new section 'Industry Voices'.

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28 March 2022

FIATA Review - March 2022

In this issue: Maritime Crisis Special! FIATA dwelves into the maritime crisis with updates and advice from experts, as well as the news of meeting again in person in Geneva and Busan, South Korea at the HQ Meeting and FIATA World Congress. FIATA uncovers facts on FIATA Diplomas and we hear from the membership and industry on current news.

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20 December 2021

FIATA Review - December 2021

In this issue: The who's who from the General Meeting elections, exclusive insights from the two High Level Dialogues, the YIFYYA Award winners, two new FIATA members KLIFFA and CRFFN, and more.

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2 September 2021

FIATA Review - September 2021

In this issue: cracking the paperless trade puzzle, the digitalization of the bill of lading, and more.

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14 June 2021

FIATA Review - June 2021

In this issue: delivering guidance on digital training, FIATA Week in numbers and a conversation with speakers from the high-level dialogues, and more.

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1 March 2021

FIATA Review - March 2021

In this issue: expectations on the supply chain digitalization and FIATA's solutions, expanded liabilities for freight forwarders, and more.

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14 December 2020

FIATA Review - December 2020

In this issue: A year in review, navigating the complex situation of abandoned goods, and more.

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14 September 2020

FIATA Review - September 2020

In this issue: An update from the presidency on FIATA's reset programme, a look at sustainable logistics, and more. 

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7 July 2020

FIATA Review - July 2020

In this issue: Fostering the transition into the digital age, addressing the challenges of trade facilitation, and more.

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14 May 2020

FIATA Review - May 2020

In this issue: On the consortia block exemption regulation, tackling the digital future, and more.

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1 March 2020

FIATA Review - March 2020

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1 December 2019

FIATA Review No. 130

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1 October 2019

FIATA Review No. 129

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1 July 2019

FIATA Review No. 128

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1 May 2019

FIATA Review No. 127

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1 March 2019

FIATA Review No. 126

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