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FIATA joins Cargo Integrity Group

24 February 2022 - FIATA and BIC join Cargo Integrity Group, strengthening the group in its efforts to improve safety in the global supply chain

The Cargo Integrity Group brings together international freight transport and cargo handling
organisations with different roles in the supply chain and a shared dedication to improving safety,
security and environmental performance throughout the logistics supply chain.
FIATA and BIC bring valuable complementary perspectives, resources and networks to the group,
further deepening its competence and scope. Both organisations have already worked closely with
the Cargo Integrity Group and will directly contribute to faster and more effective progress in
reducing incidents, accidents, and biosecurity issues in the international supply chain.

“FIATA has long supported the work of the Cargo Integrity Group and has already collaborated with
its stakeholders to promote the CTU code through the activities of its Working Group (WG) Sea
headed by FIATA Senior Vice-President, Jens Roemer. By joining the group, FIATA reaffirms its
commitment to improving the safety and security of sea freight in the best interest of its customers.
FIATA is a key component in reaching out to the end customer and making a difference in the
implementation of the CIG's work, while bringing strong safety and security expertise through the
collaboration of its WG Sea and Advisory Body Safety Security,” comments the FIATA Director
General, Dr Stéphane Graber.

“With safety and sustainability at the very core of BIC’s mission, topics like cargo safety, proper
declarations and the avoidance of pest contamination are clearly of high interest to us. We’ve been
supporting the promotion of the CTU code in communications both with our members and
externally since it was first published, and most recently sponsored one of the CTU Quick Guide
translations. We’re pleased to take this next step by joining the group, and look forward to working
more closely with our partner organizations in helping increase safety in our industry,” says Douglas
Owen, Secretary General of Bureau International des Containers (BIC).
Dedicated to improving the safety, security and environmental performance throughout the logistics
supply chain, the Cargo Integrity Group will continue its efforts in is chosen focus areas:

• Collaborating with other industry and governmental stakeholders in promoting awareness
and better understanding of safe cargo packing and handling practices such as the CTU Code

• Working to improve regulatory requirements such as the International Maritime Dangerous
Goods (IMDG) Code, and

• Working for strengthened cargo screening processes and more effective container
inspection regimes.



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