Dangerous Goods Brochure (3rd Edition)

Transporting dangerous goods requires precision, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to public safety. FIATA is therefore thrilled to present the highly anticipated release of the Dangerous Goods Brochure in its 3rd Edition.

In today's complex logistics landscape, where a myriad of cargo demands multimodal solutions, it is critical to have a sound understanding of the requirements associated with transporting hazardous goods and substances. This Dangerous Goods Brochure is your comprehensive companion, providing you with essential insights to mitigate risks, maintain safety levels, and protect lives.

Developed under the umbrella of the FIATA Advisory Body on Safety and Security (ABSS) along with the valued expertise of Dangerous Goods Management (DGM), TT Club and International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), this brochure is an essential resource for your safety policy. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements associated with the transport of dangerous goods across all modes of transportation.
Don't compromise on safety. Elevate your standards. Take the lead in responsible transportation. The Dangerous Goods Brochure 3rd Edition is your essential tool for success!


One copy will be given free of charge to each FIATA Association Member. Otherwise, prices are as follows:

Paper version (including shipping fees): 60 CHF (45 CHF for FIATA Members)
Electronic version: 30 CHF (15 CHF for FIATA Members)

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