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30 September 2022

FWC summaries and photos coming soon!

In the aftermath of the 2022 FIATA World Congress, readers can soon expect session and panel summaries in the upcoming FIATA Review! Photos of the event will also be shared. In case you missed them, please also read the official FIATA World Congress and 2022 Young Logistics Professional (YLP) Awards Press Releases.

For media coverage of the event, readers are invited to explore more through the following news article clickable links:

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The spectacular Opening Ceremony in full

FIATA talks at IATA World Cargo Symposium Closing

The IATA WCS 2022 conference, held in the last week of September 2022, was the largest in IATA's history with 1,350 delegates from 73 countries. However, the absence of IATA Director General Willie Walsh was noticeable and called into question the place of cargo in IATA's strategy at a time of rapid recovery in passenger traffic from an unprecedented crisis. While all sessions stressed the importance of maintaining the unique momentum of air cargo and the need to modernise the industry, IATA seems to still struggle to reinvent itself. The world has changed and the number of IT solution providers represented at WCS is a clear signal of the rapid evolution of logistics.

In this context, FIATA's Director General reminded in his comments at a closing panel between IATA, TIACA and FIATA, that freight is multimodal and multimodality is the essence of FIATA. In order to successfully meet today's challenges of sustainability, digitalisation, safety and security, it is essential to look for innovative solutions and rethink the way industry organisations, like IATA and FIATA, work together to be more inclusive in developing solutions, rather than just looking for collaboration in implementation.

The FIATA DG also stressed that the logistics sector is first and foremost a people sector. It relies on the skills and commitment of all the different actors involved in the logistics chain. No success will be achieved without the right skills and the right mindset. The industry needs to attract new talent and rethink its value proposition to do so. IATA, TIACA and FIATA are committed to working in the coming months to develop actions to make logistics more attractive and diverse for the new generation, noting that the shortage of logistics workers is a major concern for all.  

Airlines and freight forwarders need each other, and IATA and FIATA are responsible for working together in synergy for the benefit of all their respective and common members.

Celebrating 30 years of NSBS in Sofia!

This year's Congress of the Coordination Committee of South-East European Associations of Freight Forwarders (SEEFF) was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics (NSBS), and took place in Sofia on 29 September with more than 160 participants. It was followed on 30 September by a special joint session of FIATA's Working Groups Road and Rail. 

The conference was focused on "Digitalization, Multimodality, Sustainability" and offered a business-oriented platform to discuss the current and crucial issues and trends in the field of transport, forwarding and logistics in the region.

FIATA Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI) Manager Andrea Tang gave a presentation on a panel focused on the digitalisation of logistics, underlining that digitalisation is a key enabler of multimodality and trade facilitation, and demonstrating how the implementation of the eFBL would lead to improvement in business processes and efficiency for the freight forwarding companies.

Multimodality and the supply chain disruptions and the role of the freight forwarders was the focus of the second panel. FIATA's MTI Chair, Mark Bromley and Working Group Rail Chair, Ole Andreas Hagen, represented FIATA at this panel and shared their views on how to improve the efficiency, speed and robustness of the supply chain.

FIATA wishes a huge congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics (NSBS) and on the successful meeting that brought together the freight forwarders from the region!

Working Group Road and Rail come together to discuss the challenges post-pandemic

The special session of WG Road and Rail, organised on the second day of the SEEFF conference, allowed participants of 14 FIATA Association members, together with guests from the region, to exchange about the main challenges of the freight forwarding in the South East European Region, which is great strategic importance. The shortage of workforce in logistics, particular drivers, is without doubt the top concern for the regional actors, as well as the organisation of logistics in light of recent events.

FIATA also took the opportunity to discuss FIATA's Digital Strategy and the recent launch of the FIATA eFBL. Following an introduction by the FIATA Director General on the eFBL, Xinerji Software gave a live demonstration of the eFBL to the audience. Senior Vice-President Erkeskin also presented the benefits of FreightPay. Interest in these new FIATA services was very high, and FIATA Association Members engaged in an in-depth discussion with FIATA's Director General about FIATA's key work in enabling its members to become digital freight forwarders. 

Next year's SEEFF conference 2023 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

World Bank calls for FIATA members to join LPI Survey 2022

The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) benchmarks logistics performance in around 160 countries. The next edition will be published in late 2022. FIATA is the World Bank’s most important partner in the LPI survey, and it is thanks to the participation of FIATA’s members that the LPI can be published.
If you are a member of the freight forwarding community, we cordially invite you to take the survey now.

The LPI provides the voice of logistics professionals: It is partly based on a survey among international freight forwarders who share their experience in moving goods and organizing international supply chains for their customers. This is a unique opportunity to “vote” and ultimately influence the environment that you, as professionals, operate in.
Please participate. It is very important to us to have your views! All responses are kept confidential and anonymous.
Completing the survey should only take 10 minutes. Find more information at lpi.worldbank.org. Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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