Membership Overview

Association Members

Association Members are organisations representing the entire (or part of) the forwarding sector in a territory. Each Association Member holds the right to present motions, as well as nomination and voting rights.

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Individual Members

Individual Members are forwarding and logistics companies, as well as legal entities closely associated with the forwarding and logistics branch.

Group Members

Group members can be:

  • International organisations representing the forwarding branch of a group of territories if all members are associations, which in turn are FIATA Association Members
  • International forwarding groups representing the same or similar interests to FIATA 
  • International associations whose members are active only in a sub-sector of the forwarding branch 

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Honorary Members

Honorary Members are persons who have been of particular service to FIATA or the forwarding industry.

For more information, please see the FIATA Statutes, in particular Chapter 4 on Membership, article 4.5.7.