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The FIATA Week, formerly known as the HQ Meeting, is the annual gathering of Association Members. This internal meeting addresses organisational strategic priorities, as well as progress made on projects impacting the international freight forwarding community.

The 2021 edition took place from 22-25 March under the theme "Driving the change". It offered a platform for FIATA bodies to discuss their annual work plan; provided capacity-building sessions for members; hosted high-level dialogues; and allowed members to meet the HQ team in Geneva.  

Despite being held online due to the pandemic, the event welcomed over 300 participants to these four days of meetings, with 31 sessions taking place, and over 1,000 virtual connections made. See the 2021 FIATA Week in numbers.

The next FIATA Week will take place in 2022; exact dates and place will be announced at a later stage.


For questions regarding this event, please contact the events team at [email protected].

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