Verification of FIATA Diplomas & Certificates

To reduce fraud risks and add trust to the documents/data produced by its members, FIATA has developed a document tracking solution which allows to certify the validity of any FIATA Diploma/Certificate, the integrity and authenticity of its content.

You can now verify the validity of FIATA Diplomas & Certificates which have been registered with a unique hash on a private ledger (recognisable by the Trakk QR Code visible on the document) by simply uploading the PDF on the verification widget below.

How does it work?

Use the module below to access the document audit trail, which will allow you to verify that the document was correctly issued and registered by FIATA as well as to access a snapshot of the document when it was issued, to verify the integrity of its content.

  • Upload the PDF you have received, by dragging and dropping the file on the module or by clicking on Browse your files
  • If you have received a paper document, you can also scan the QR code to access the document audit trail
  • Click on the document icon or on "View" to see the snapshot of the document when it was registered by FIATA and check its content integrity

If you receive a negative verification result, it means that the document has not been registered by FIATA or that it has been tampered with, edited or changed. Please contact [email protected]

Any questions? Contact [email protected]