FIATA TOT Programme

The FIATA Train-The-Trainer (TOT) Programme aims to equip pool of trainers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effectively deliver the course content and prepare students for the exam leading to the FIATA Diploma. Through this programme, trainers will enhance their instructional design and delivery skills, utilise interactive teaching methods and technology, and provide personalised feedback and coaching to students.

Additionally, trainers will have opportunities to network with industry experts, exchange knowledge and resources, and promote the value of the FIATA Diploma to students. By focusing on these objectives, the FIATA TOT Programme will ensure that trainers can deliver a high-quality training experience that prepares students to succeed on the exam and in their careers.

This programme comes as a complementary training to the FIATA Foundation Vocational Training (FFVT). Associations wishing to hold their first TOT programme are invited to apply through the FFVT. Associations wishing to hold additional TOT programmes, in a continous effort to train workforce will have the opportunity to do so through this platform.

Click here for more information on the FFVT's conditions and requirements.

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For questions, please reach out to the FIATA Training Team at [email protected].