Airfreight Institute

For over five decades, the Airfreight Institute (AFI) has actively pursued its mandate to define, craft and promote the role of the forwarder in international air cargo.

To further its mission, AFI has developed ongoing relationships with numerous stakeholders in the air transport industry, beginning with FIATA’s own forwarding Association Members, but inclusive of a wide spectrum of others ranging from non-governmental organisations, special interest groups, government bodies, regulators, carriers, shippers, consignors, customs groups, legal specialists, cargo risk underwriters and technology providers.

AFI has a proactive posture on issues which may impact the international forwarding community and has reputation within the global transport industry as the go-to group for consultation and action on air cargo issues. AFI has demonstrated a tradition of delivering reasoned and reasonable approaches and solutions to industry challenges and issues. It acts as both a driver and a conciliator, to find workable resolutions which benefit all parties in the logistics chain.

AFI’s areas of focus include:

  • Leadership (by maintaining close relationship with international organizations such as IATA, CNS, ATA, ICAO, ECAC, ICC, UNESCAP, UNECE, WCO, WTO and OECD);
  • Security (by informing and assisting members regarding the various national government security programmes and IACO/IATA recommendations).

How to join

AFI members are nominated delegates from FIATA Association Members who shall be experts in their relevant specialised sectors. AFI members are expected to represent FIATA in meetings called by national or international organisations, and to submit proposals and/or discussion papers on relevant topics for the AFI membership. AFI's Chair can appoint additional persons as deemed necessary.

Association Members have the right to nominate one delegate and one deputy to each FIATA institute. Delegates of FIATA institutes shall be confirmed by the Presidency. Should an Association Member wish to nominate a delegate, please contact [email protected]

AFI meets twice a year at the FIATA HQ Meeting in March and FIATA World Congress in September/October.