About the Regions

FIATA members are spread across four regions: Africa and Middle East, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

The main objective of the regional meetings is to bring forward regional issues, and if necessary, submit them to the FIATA institutes and advisory bodies, as well as looking at areas in which regional collaboration would benefit members. Through their meetings, FIATA and its Regional members can identify and assist regional members in solving local industry issues. Another aim is to gain synergies between member countries of a given region and to import and export these benefits to other associations.

The FIATA regions also seek to collaborate more actively with the different institutes, advisory bodies, working groups, and all interested parties are invited to email their interest to the regions chair or manager. In countries where no association exists, all individual members are requested to form an association. FIATA would be happy to assist whenever help is needed. Future targets of the regions include gaining more individual members in all countries. 

See the Rules and Procedures for FIATA Regions.

How to join

As per the regional rules, the composition of regional committees shall be determined by the Presidency after consultation with the Extended Board. The Regional Committee Chair shall be nominated by the Presidency and confirmed by the General Meeting. The Regional Committee Vice Chair may be nominated by the Presidency and confirmed by the Extended Board. 

The regions usually meet twice a year at the FIATA HQ Meeting in March and FIATA World Congress in September/October.